China Top Ten Enterprises in Fire Protection and Security Industry
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Aware Fire-Manufacturer and Supplier of Fire Suppression System



Since from the year 2013, we have established a complete management and marketing system, we have a market team with wolf culture, and we have modern production base and well-trained workers.

We have involved in many major and big projects and we are qualified supplier of fire fighting equipment for Beijing Olympic Games 2022.

Our slogan is "Do all for safety, for a safe world", we are committed to research, develop and produce innovative fire protection products to make the world more peaceful.

Based on mutual trust, we welcome China domestic and foreign customers to build up win-win cooperation with us.

Automatic Aerosol Fire Suppression Systems

Automatic Aerosol Fire Suppression Systems

Automatic Aerosol Suppression System: Minisol Type, Wall Mounted Type, Floor Stand Type, Portable Type, Throwable Type, Lithium-ion Type.
FM200 Large Space Fire Protection System

FM200 Large Space Fire Protection System

FM200 Large Space System use HFC-227ea as main extinguishing agent, this system is the most popular suppression system all over the world in big project.
Superfine ABC dry chemical system for special hazard

Superfine ABC dry chemical system for special hazard

Superfine ABC dry chemical system is a particular system which not only for small space, but also for big space; not only for closed area, also for open area.
Ball Fire Extinguisher System Auto Fire Off AFO

Ball Fire Extinguisher System Auto Fire Off AFO

Auto Fire Off Fire Extinguisher Ball is versatile and portable, It can be applied in office, hotel, bank vault, kitchen, gas station, police station.


We have a variety of featured and innovative products which is created by our Research and Development department, our main product lines are: automatic fire suppression systems, special hazard fire protection systems, Vehicle Fire Fighting Systems, Lithium battery fire extinguisher, Enclosure space fire prevention tool, based on extinguishing agent of Aerosol, HFC-227ea, Dry Chemical Powder, Carbon Dioxide, Ingern gas, Novec 1230 and foam etc.


We have been working in the fire industry for many years, so we have accumulated a lot of experience and resources, we have unique advantages

Stable Raw Material Supplier
We have stable raw material supplier of hardware, packing, labels, plastics, bronze, metal container etc, which is the basic raw material to produce our fire suppression systems.

Quality Inspection
Before leaving the factory, all of our cargo must pass strictly QC inspection.

Latest Technology
All our artwork are with the latest technology and obey the latest international standard.

On time Delivery
Except for force majeure, all our orders from customer are make delivery on time.

After-sales Service
After buying from us, all of the products can have more than 1 years warranty time, and we the technician team will help teach how to use and install the product for free.


Our products are widely applied in computer room, data processing room, server room, telecommunication room, substation and transformer room, library, Museum, Archives, Cultural relics database, underground pipe gallery, power generator and distribution room, workshops, high-rise building, wind turbine, engine room of vessel and vehicles, electrical cabinet, other enclosure space and open area, in a wide range of industries.

Below are some of our installation photos:

We have thousands of projects in overseas market, in Brazil, Chile, Mexico, Peru, Argentina, Uruguay, South Korea, Malaysia, Philippines, Vietnam, Myanmar, Thailand, South Africa, Nigeria, Mozambique, Zambia, Morocco, Egypt, Kenya, Ghana, Sweden, Netherlands, France, German, Denmark, Italy, United Kingdom, Spain, Finland, America, Australia, New Zealand, Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia etc.

For variety of our fire suppression and detection systems and their accessories.

Foreign markets recognize our products, Many of our projects have won international awards.


Our respresentative user are as following but not limited to:

  • -VOLVO.
  • -VESTAS.
  • -DELIX.
  • -HUAWEI.

We have many big and small user accross the world, they all speak highly of our products and services, and become our loyar users.


    We are a ISO 9001, ISO14001, ISO18001 certificated manufacturer specialize in fire suppression system for a decade of years, we use top quality of material to produce the products and all of them have pass strictly QC inspection before leaving factory, most of our products have got certificates and approvlas of CE, RHOS, IP67, GL, Chinese Language of Test Report from China Institute.


    Jiangxi Aware Fire Technology Co.,Ltd

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