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» Superfine Dry Powder Fire Extinguishing Systems ABC style » Auto Fire Extinguisher Ball shape automatic extinguishing system AFO
  • Auto Fire Extinguisher Ball shape automatic extinguishing system AFO

    AFO auto fire-off fire extinguisher 2022 is the best hot sale fire fighting product around the earth, it is cost-effective with perfect fire suppression performance and, an auto fire extinguisher ball with CE certificated and produced by Jiangxi Aware Fire Technology Co., Ltd.

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    Auto fire extinguisher ball is a simple and fast way to extinguish a fire, Its main chemical is ammonium phosphate super-fine ABC dry chemical, and it is in ball shape with red color and fashion in appearance.

    It has several shapes: square, rectangular, and ball shapes; It is strong in suppressing the fire of Class A, Class B, Class C, Class D, and Class F, you will have many ways to operate it.

    Furthermore, it is maintenance-free and does not have any pressure to work.

    You can throw it into the fire to suppress the fire, and you can install it in a fixed place, after a few seconds it blows up itself and puts out fire quickly.

    It not only be installed in the bracket but also can be hung on the ceiling and wall.

    In recent years, it has become one of the most popular fire extinguishers all over the world.

    We take 1.3 kilograms as a sample, it has the following particulars and specifications:

    • Model Number: AW-AFO-1.3
    • Diameter: 150 mm.
    • Product Weight: 1350±67.5 grams.
    • Dry powder weight: 1300±65 grams.
    • Audio alarm: about 120 dB.
    • Fire suppression volume: 3 cubic meters.
    • Reaction time: less than 5 seconds.
    • Ambient temperature: ranges from -10 to +85℃.
    • Main chemical: 90% ABC dry powder.
    • Life span: 5 to 10 years.
    • Executive standard: GA602-2013.
    • Packing details: 1 piece fire extinguisher, 1 piece bracket, 2 pieces screws, 2 pieces expansion bolt, 1 piece installation manual, 1 piece qualified certificate.

    Other models available list out below:

    AW-AFO-0.6 0.6 kilograms φ116 about 1.3 m³ 5 to 10 Years
    AW-AFO-1.2 1.2 kilograms φ150 about 2.5 m³ 5 to 10 Years
    AW-AFO-1.3 1.3 kilograms φ150 about 3.0 m³ 5 to 10 Years
    AW-AFO-1.35 1.35 kilograms φ152 about 3.2 m³ 5 to 10 Years
    AW-AFO-2 2 kilograms φ171 about 4.2 m³ 5 to 10 Years
    AW-AFO-2.8 2.8 kilograms φ186 about 6 m³ 5 to 10 Years
    AW-AFO-4 4.0 kilograms φ215 about 9 m³ 5 to 10 Years
    AW-AFO-6 6.0 kilograms φ236 about 13 m³ 5 to 10 Years

    We have a special fryer and manual for this product, ask our sales representative for help if need documents.

    Unlike the Throwable Aerosol Fire Extinguisher, this dry powder auto fire ball AFO is much more economical and has a much lower price for fire suppression solutions.



    • Application fields: The house, Power supply socket, electrical cabinet, kitchen, locker, express cabinet, battery-charging station, warehouse, garages, offices, banks, hotels, restaurant, internet cafe, nursing house, hospital, tobacco storage room, museum, library, archive room, automobile vehicles, sea vessels, etc.
    • Place the automatic fire extinguishing ball about 30cm above the fire hazard through the bracket or hook, we suggest placing 2 pcs of fire extinguisher ball at the same location or place, to achieve the best fire extinguishing ability.
    • If the fire occurs in an unattended environment, when the flame touches the fireball, it will start up and blasting, to stop the spread of fire in time.
    • When people find a fire, they can throw the fire extinguishing ball to the fire source, It can put out the fire in 3-5 seconds, and give an alarm sound of about 120 dB.
    • Wait until the flame is completely extinguished, and clean the residue with a vacuum cleaner or fan.
    • It can suppress all classes of fire, works with zero pressure, and is easy to maintain and operate.
    • Small, compact, and flexible, so it can be installed and placed everywhere.
    • Safe for applications, because it is safe, environmentally friendly, non-toxic, non-hazardous, and non-polluting.
    • Easy to operate, a 10-year-old child or an 80-year-old person can operate with it.
    • Highly efficient fire fighting, the firefighters can use it to put out fires and escape.



    • The product is specially used for fire extinguishing, not for other purposes.
    • The product shall be stored or hung in a normal-temperature environment.
    • Do not intentionally throw or ignite the product.
    • Please do not touch the product with water to prevent damage to the fire extinguishing mechanism.
    • It is forbidden to damage, disassemble, or change this product at will.
    • Do not let children play with it.
    • Install or operate this product as per the Installation Manual.



    • Keep it in a dry and ventilated place.
    • Avoid heat, flame, and rain.
    • During transportation, please do not squeeze the package.
    • Use a strong double corrugated carton box to pack it with poly foam, or use a wooden case to pack it directly.

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    We are a ISO 9001, ISO14001, ISO18001 certificated manufacturer specialize in fire suppression system for a decade of years, we use top quality of material to produce the products and all of them have pass strictly QC inspection before leaving factory, most of our products have got certificates and approvlas of CE, RHOS, IP67, GL, Chinese Language of Test Report from China Institute.


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