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» Blog » Best Fire Suppression Solution for Vehicle Engine Compartment

Best Fire Suppression Solution for Vehicle Engine Compartment

July 31, 2022

Many vehicle manufacturers are constantly looking for fire suppression systems that can be used in engine compartment, as traditional fire suppression system are very big size, so till now people find out three products that could be installed in the vehicle engines.

Firstly, The ABC dry chemical powder fire extinguisher

Workshop can produce this product into many shape, such as “bowl shape”, “ball shape”, “twin jet” etc, the super-fine ABC dry chemical powder fire extinguisher could installed in the Engine room very well, and till now it is very popular product around the world.

The representative products is: Bowl Shape Aerosol Fire Suppression Device.

Its disadvantages is: after releasing, it will leave white colour of powder, and the power it left is hard to clean up, also the residue will cause a bit corrosion to the engines.

Secondly, The White Color Fire Detection Tube System

This product use Carbon dioxide or HFC-227ea as main fire extinguishing agent, which is recognized as clean extinguishing system, But this product is not easy to install inside the engine room, and furthermore, it is not safe, because it have pressure inside the white fire detection tube.

Thirdly, The Aerosol Fire Extinguishing Device.

This product is 304 stainless steel and anti-corrosion, at present it is the best fire suppression solution for vehicle engine compartment, because it has some special advantages:

  • Non-pressurized cylinder to work, it is safe to install in engine compartment.
  • It suppress fire just like that of clean agent, after releasing left no residue.
  • It is anti-corrosion, becuase the aerosol chemical is sealed inside the water-proof and dust-proof stainless steel.
  • Its size is compact, can install in every corner of the engine compartment.
  • Furthermore, it causes no damage to the engines, and without any pollution to the atmosphere.
  • It is patented and non-pyrotechnical solid strontium salt and potassium salt based.
  • Tested and certified by various agencies such as CE, DNVGL, China Marine, ROHS and others.

patented non-pyrotechnic solid potassium salt-based

So now in the world-wide market, many vehicles manufacturers and fire engineering companies are considering aerosol fire suppression system as their first choice.

Below vehicles will mostly used aerosol systems:

  • Small Cars.
  • Bus and coach.
  • Trucks.
  • Electric motor bikes.
  • High-speed rail locomotive.
  • Subway locomotive.
  • Mining locomotive.
  • Sea vessel, boat and ships.




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