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» Blog » Condensed Aerosol Fire Prevention System for Narrow Enclosed Space

Condensed Aerosol Fire Prevention System for Narrow Enclosed Space

May 21, 2022

The gas fire suppression system is famous for its perfect extinguishing performance, it can discharge evenly to every corner of the protected area, IG541, Carbon Dioxide, FM200 is a gas system, and aerosol system also belongs to gas suppression because its performance is similar to FM200 system, and can total flooding the protected area evenly in enclosed space.

Furthermore, the aerosol has unique advantages over conditional gas systems CO2, IG541, and FM200, because it can reach any narrow enclosure space for fire protection, and works without any pressure.

So since the 1990s aerosol has become more and more popular, and now it is widely used in many industries across the world.

As we know, the generator room, the powder room, the switch-gear room, the substation, and the museums all are big enclosed spaces, which mainly need to design and install fire suppression systems of water, foam, carbon dioxide, FM200, IG541 or water mist; But some narrow enclosed space is surely need our condensed aerosol fire prevention system, such as the vehicle engine, the electrical cabinet, the control panel, the lithium-ion battery pack, the energy storage container, the underground cable tunnel, the ATM, the CNC machines, the wind turbine.


The vehicle engine compartment is an important place where many parts are installed there, including the vehicle engine.

Truck engine, bus engines, car, and race-car engines, heavy-duty machine engines, agricultural machinery engines, and on-road and off-road vehicle engines all belongs to a narrow enclosed or semi-enclosed space, and many traditional fire extinguishers are not able to be applied in this field, but aerosol can help, we have rich experience to install it many kinds of vehicles and transportation tools, please see below real installation photo:


The electrical cabinet and control panel are important parts of power distribution equipment, inside the electrical cabinet or control panel many electronic components control the whole power supply or distribution system, as an aerosol device is small in size and aerosol suppression agent can reach every corner in the electrical cabinet control panels, so it is an ideal solution for this enclosed space fire protection.

please refer to below installation image below:


After a long time of operation, the lithium-ion battery always gets hotter and easy to thermal away, and then fire occurs in the lithium battery pack, at present it seems no traditional fire suppression system can help to suppress fire in a lithium-ion battery, even the fire detection tube system also not be able to help.

Years ago we researched and published a Lithium-ion Aerosol Fire Extinguisher, the lithium-ion aerosol is in micro size and can be installed inside the narrow space of a lithium battery pack.

What? you do not think it is true? please see below the real installation photo:


Recently years, with the development of science and technology, much electrical energy can be stored by using energy storage containers, power supply companies often store electricity in containerized storage equipment, the equipment we call ” Energy Storage Containers”, normally each energy storage container is with the size of 20′  or 40′, in the container there are many electrical cabinets, control panels, and other power accessories over there.

As we know a 20′ or 40′ container is a narrow enclosed space, and not be able to install big guys in it like an FM200 system, so it is ideal to install the aerosol system, as per our calculation, a 20′ energy storage container will require one set of 3000-gram aerosol install inside, and a 40′ one will require one set of 3000-gram aerosol together with one set of 2500 gram aerosol, as per standard aerosol density based on 100 gram per cubic meters.

please see below installation photo below for your reference:


Cable tunnels and cable trenches are always long but narrow spaces in the location of underground, traditional foam, dry chemical, and gas systems are not able to reach this area, aerosol can help because it is small enough to install in the narrow space.

Furthermore, the environment underground is very wet, our aerosol is made of 304 stainless steel as a cylinder and sealed with 3M glue, it is moisture-proof, waterproof, and dustproof, we have got an IP67 test report for our products, so our product can stay long in a wet place.


ATMs are always in a small room along the street, every bank has ATMs over there, and sometimes the ATMs is automatic to operate without workers, after 24 hours a day, it is easy to get thermal runaway, so installing an aerosol device inside the machine will help a lot.

Each ATM installs a 100-gram aerosol generator will be enough.

Then the money inside the ATM will be well protected and avoid being burned by fire.


There are many manufacturer workshops all over the world, and every workshop will have several or hundreds of CNC machines and grinding tools in their workshop, the CNC machines are narrow space, for narrow space fire protection it is better to use a mini aerosol suppression system, both easy to install and operate and space-saving.


In recent years, the new energy industry has been developing good and fast, only in China there are tens of thousands of wind farms over there, correspondingly, the requirements of wind power fire protection are becoming more and more strict, people used to use Super-fine ABC dry chemical fire extinguishers in wind turbine, but after install it they find out that after dry chemical discharging, there are much white colour of dry chemical residue left there, so after aerosol published, wind turbine engineering companies became to search for aerosol fire suppression system as their first solution.

Wind turbine nacelle is also a narrow space, an aerosol system will be the best solution for it and the first choice for a fire engineering installation company.

Many other narrow or micro spaces will require aerosol as a suppression tool, such as meter box, kitchen hood, etc, in conclusion, any enclosed or semi-enclosed space can be extinguished by an aerosol fire suppression system.

for more details please click our “DOWNLOAD” column to download files for reference.

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