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» Aerosol Chemical Automatic Fire Suppression Systems » Electric Start Aerosol Based Automatic Fire Suppression System
  • Electric Start Aerosol Based Automatic Fire Suppression System

    Electric start uses a 2-core or 4-core electrical wire to start the aerosol device.

    • 2 core: one core is blue and the other core is brown colour.
    • 4 cores: one core in blue colour, second core in brown colour for activation purposes, left 2 cores are in grey and black colour, there are for signal feedback only.

    Core material: Bronze wire.

    • Description
    • Features and Application
    • Extra Information
    • Other Precautions

    Electric start aerosol-based automatic fire suppression system adopts an aluminum material aviation plug to connect the aerosol body with a power supply AC 3 to 220 Volt, or DC 3 to 24 Volt, only a small current is needed to start the device, so sometimes people likes to use a standalone Thermal Activation Device to start the aerosol device automatically.

    The electric start is the classical way to start the aerosol device to work, because of this, sometimes aerosol generators are considered as fire appliances, so it is a very important product for fire protection purposes.

    The main parameters of this style of product are listed as follows:

    • Product attributes: Aerosol-based automatic fire suppression system, fire suppression tool.
    • Model and Capacity: range from 20 grams to 3000 grams, details refer to the INSTALLATION MANUAL.
    • Design concentration: less than 100 grams per cubic meter.
    • Cover space: 0.2 to 30 m3 closed space.
    • Outer and inner cylinder material: 304 stainless steel.
    • Spacer material: Carbon steel.
    • Cooling system material: Ceramic Microsphere.
    • Noozle material: 304 stainless steel.
    • Aviation plug: bronze or aluminum material.
    • Discharging distance: 3 to 5 meters.
    • Releasing time: less than 1 minute.
    • Installation tools: bracket, screws, and 3M glue.
    • Life span of the product: 10 to 15 years, according to its aging test.
    • Electromagnetic compatibility: Yes.
    • Environmental-friendly: Yes.
    • Executive Father standard: GA499.1-2010.
    • Relative Grand-father Standard: UL 2775, ISO15779:2011, NFPA 2010, CEN/TR 15276

    The most important features of this product are: it needs to input a small current to start, only a 3-volt battery will be able to make it work, and it has the following features:

    • Easy to operate.
    • Easy to install, DIY to install.
    • Easy to suppress fire.
    • CE certificated and GL certified, and with test reports to support.
    • Not have residues and synthetic chemicals.
    • Non-conductive at high voltages.
    • Non-harmful to sensitive electronics equipment.

    Correspondingly, It widely is applied in the following areas:

    • Wind turbines.
    • Solar panel.
    • Vehicle engine rooms.
    • Engine room of vehicles and vessels.
    • Machinery space.
    • Electrical cabinet and control board.
    • Kinds of computer room, data room, telecommunication room.
    • 5G energy storage base station.
    • Electric car.
    • EV scooter.
    • Smart Home Devices.

    For electric start, there are two different systems.

    first one, the aerosol fire extinguishing device connects to a gas fire control panel, and the fire control panel connects with a heat detector, smoke detector, manual call point, etc, we called it " aerosol connect with fire alarm systems", the start current is come out from the fire control panel.

    The second one, the aerosol fire extinguishing device connects with a standalone thermal activation device, this thermal activation device also called a "thermal activation generator", has functions of fire detection and outputs a small current to the aerosol device, we called it "aerosol connect with standalone thermal device".

    The first one is a complete fire suppression system, and the second one is a simple system, to choose which is better is decided by which location in the production you are going to install.

    Search for help please contact us engineers directly, or E-MAIL US for help.

    Aerosol system belongs to dangerous cargo, it is always recognized as a gas-based fire suppression system, below are matters that need attention:

    • Aerosol fire suppression device in airline transportation sea translation is classified as 4.1 dangerous goods, so they must packed into a special-made carton box or wooden case, and they must be inspected by customs before leaving the export country.
    • It must be stored in a dangerous goods warehouse, the warehouse shall be kept dry and ventilated.
    • When doing system debugging or installation, make sure the power is off, in other words, make sure there is not any current input to the aerosol device, otherwise the aerosol generator will be activated by mistake, and may hurt people at the site.
    • When an aerosol agent is discharging, people should leave immediately or within a 30-second delay time.
    • After the aerosol generator is released, do not touch the outer cylinder immediately because it is very hot.
    • Do not stand directly in front of the device when doing installation.
    • Forbid to pierce the aluminum foil at the bottom of the device.

    We are a professional aerosol fire suppression system manufacturer, for further information or doubts, please contact us for help and discuss deeply.

    there is an Aerosol Fire Suppression PDF File for your download and reference.

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