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» Intelligent Fire Alarm and Detection Systems » EN54 Fire Alarm Bell AWCBL2166 with Base

EN54 Fire Alarm Bell AWCBL2166 with Base

The Europan Standard Fire Alarm Bell AWCBL2166 is a red colour alarm device for fire alarm system and anti-thelf system, It usually worked together with fire extinguishing system.

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  • Features and Applications
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  • Other Precautions


It is a red colour fire alarm device, It is simple in structure and fashion in style, easy to install, suitable for factories, warehouses, hotels and other high-rise buildings.

It is made up of power driver, Eccentric striker rod, Transformer rectifier, Alarm bell cover, main bracket etc.

It normally work with manual call point, when you press down the button on the manual call point, the alarm bell would sounding.

It offers a wide range of sound, for indoors and outdoors, for wall and ceiling application, it designed to be used in 24 Volt systems, and can matching any style of fire control panels.

It not only for fire suppression and fire alarm system, but also for anti-thelf system.

Below are its main parameters and specifications:

  • Name: Fire alarm bell.
  • Model number: AW-CBL2166-A-6
  • Diameter: 150*61 mm(6″).
  • Operating voltage: DC 24-DC28 VDC; or AC 220 volt, 50-60HZ.
  • Work current at 24 Volt: 60mA (Maximum).
  • Volume: ≥68 dB.
  • Weight: About 0.9 kilograms.
  • Packing weight: 20 kilograms(20 pcs).
  • Temperature range: -10℃ to +50℃.
  • Relative humidity: 0%-95% RH.
  • Executive standard: GB20851-2011.
  • Parts list: 1 pcs alarm bell, 1 pcs user manual, 1 pcs hanging board.


Features as below:

  • Bright red lacquer.
  • High-quality copper wire driver, and more stable power.
  • Premium Linked Impact Pole, it is durable and have crisp sound.
  • Compatible with all the conventional fire control panels.
  • High sound level, up to 68 dB.
  • Easy to install, and installation bracket is included.
  • High quality carbon steel as protection cover.
  • Long life span, almost over 10 years.


Main application as follow:

  • Workshops.
  • Warehouse and storage room.
  • Hotel.
  • Restaurant.
  • Apartment house.
  • High-rise building.
  • Equipment room.
  • Machine room.


How to install and use this product, please refer to the following several points:

  • Pay attention to the applicable occasions of the fire alarm sound, please choose it reasonably.
  • Check whether the power supply voltage meets the product requirements.
  • If it must be installed outdoors, Be careful to avoid sun and rain.
  • When installing, please fix the hanging board on the wall first, then hung up the fire alarm; and the hammer bell of the fire alarm must be pointing vertically down, and pay attention to check whether it is stable.


  • It can not be installed in the occasion of flammable and explosive gas and corrosive gas.
  • Do not install it near places with high temperature and high humidity.
  • Do not install in a place where with a lot of dust.
  • No obstructions should enter the fire alarm bell body, it will affect the normal work of the fire alarm.
  • Product installation, removal and repair work must be hold by professional person.

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