Las diez principales empresas de China en la industria de protección contra incendios y seguridad
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» Sistemas automáticos de extinción de incendios de aerosoles químicos » Glass bulb Sensing Aerosol Suppression System in Closed Space Electrical Cabinet Fire Protection
  • Bombilla de vidrio Detección sistema de supresión de aerosoles en espacio cerrado Gabinete eléctrico Protección contra incendios

    Germany Quality Grade Job Glass Bulb Thermo Head Trigger Aerosol Suppression System, a stand-alone system for small space fire protection in variety of industries.

    Área de cobertura:De 0.2 Para 57 cubic meter space.


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    El aerosol de detección de bombillas de vidrio también se llama “aerosol de temperatura de bombilla térmica”, we have a patent for the glass bulb head which is a special component that we use to start up the aerosol body.
    The thermo bulb head is a special design by our technician, the glass bulb on the thermo bulb head is a brand of JOB Germany, the JOB glass bulb has a rated temperature of 57℃, 68°C,79°C, and 93℃ normally, El elemento de detección de bombillas de vidrio es de alta calidad porque es de Alemania.

    Just like that thermal cord type, el aerosol tipo bombilla de vidrio térmico también es un sistema automático y de detección de temperatura, so it also can work stand-alone and does not requires any outer power supply to activate the aerosol generator, what you do is just install the thermo bulb head on the top of Minisol aerosol body and screw it.

    Its particularity is similar to thermal line aerosol one, but a bit of difference:

    • It uses a glass bulb as the temperature sensing element, glass bulb temperature is normally 57℃, 68°C, 79°C, 93°C, 141°C, 182°C, 260°C.
    • Principio de funcionamiento del cabezal de la bombilla de vidrio: when the glass bulb sensing our ambient temperature reaches its rated temperature, the glass bulb will break automatically, and then the firing pin in the thermo head will hit the small copper core on the top of the aerosol body and cause a tiny momentary current, y finalmente para activar el cuerpo del aerosol para suprimir.
    • También es automático para trabajar e independiente, not requiring any input current.
    • Install in a small space for fire protection, such as the electrical cabinet.
    • It is much easier to install than a thermal cord line, because the thermal line type requires cable ties, but its no need for that.
    • It is also aerosol-based with a design density of 100 gramos por metro cúbico, por lo que es muy eficaz.


    Thermo bulbs aerosol is taken as the world’s DIY Installation System because any adult people can install it easily, it has below specifications and main parameters:

    • Nombre del producto: Thermo Glass Bulbs Type Stand-alone Aerosol Suppression System.
    • Número de modelo: AW-QH-***. ( “***” podría ser 20ST, 30C, 60C, 100C, 150C, 200C, 250C, 300C, 500C, 750C, 1000C, 1500C, 2000C, 2500C, 3000C, 3500C, 4000C, 4200C, 5700C).
    • Calidad del agente extintor de aerosoles: Oscila entre 20 gramos a 5700 Gramos.
    • Densidad de diseño: 0.1 kilograms per cubic meter.
    • Área protectora: Oscila entre 0.20 Para 57.00 metros cúbicos.
    • Modo de activación: Bombillas térmicas, bombillas de vidrio, detección de temperatura, detección térmica.
    • Dimensiones del producto: Según el “Manual de instalación de Aware Fire Mini Aerosol“.
    • Tiempo de descarga: menos que 60 sobras, consulta nuestro “Ficha Técnica”.
    • Peso del producto: Rango desde 0.3 Para 28 Kilogramos.
    • Materiales del cilindro: 304 stainless steel with a round shape, including installation brackets, tornillos y soporte.
    • Temperatura nominal de la bombilla de vidrio: 57°C (orange color), 68°C (red color), 79°C (yellow color), 93°C (green color) etc.
    • Humedad relativa: 95%.
    • Tiempo ambiente: -50°C a +108°C.
    • The surface temperature of aerosol housing: is less than 100℃.
    • The outlet temperature of aerosol housing is less than 200℃.
    • Service lifetime: al menos 10 años, y puede llegar 15 años. según la prueba de envejecimiento.
    • Tiempo de garantía: al menos 1 año.
    • Estándar Ejecutivo: GA499.1-2010, ISO15779, CEN15276, NFPA2010, UL2775.


    Thermo bulbs aerosol adopts a only 3mm diameter of Job glass bulb as the temperature sensing element, this product is compact and has the following features:

    • Small in size, very compact, space-saving, and lightweight.
    • El valor ODP es cero, GWP value is zero, and ALT value is zero, it is an eco-friendly and clean product.
    • A stand-alone system can start the aerosol generator separately.
    • The Aerosol system is a non-piping system and works without any pressure.
    • The aerosol smoke is white fog, after a few minutes, it will run out, leaving no residue after release.
    • 304 acero inoxidable, IP67 water-proof and dust-proof.
    • International Certificated and Test Report to support.
    • Various start-up temperatures are available, from 57℃ to 260℃.
    • The glass bulb is imported from Germany, the brand is JOB, which is a very famous enterprise that is a professional in producing glass bulbs, so the product quality is great.


    it can be used in a very large number of industries, hereby below we count out some:

    • Electrical cabinet in every industry.
    • Aerogenerador.
    • Automotive and vehicles.
    • Energy Storage System.
    • Speed highway and train.
    • Mining Machinery.
    • Agricultural Machinery.
    • Manufacturing Tools.
    • Painting Machine.
    • Computer room of Financial institution.
    • any other closed or semi-closed space.


    Payment Terms: L/C, T/T, Money Transfer, PayPal, Unión del Oeste.

    Delivery: 3 Para 7 days for small and sample orders; 7 Para 15 days for bulk orders.


    • Put each of the products into a PP bag.
    • And put into poly-foam.
    • The inner is a white color of the color box.
    • and then every four or one color box is put into a brown big carton box.
    • Finally, hundreds of the cargo together packed into a fumigation wooden case.


    strictly as per our INSTALLATION MANUAL.


    • Manténgalo en un lugar seco y ventilado.
    • When it is released, people should leave the site immediately, or move far away from the device.
    • Do not touch the round cylinder surface after it is released, because it is super hot, wait until at least 30 minutes after it cools down.
    • Do not disassemble the device without permission at any time.
    • After release, you'd better replace a new one in time.

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    Somos una ISO 9001, ISO14001, El fabricante certificado ISO18001 se especializa en sistemas de extinción de incendios durante una década de años, Utilizamos material de alta calidad para producir los productos y todos ellos han pasado estrictamente la inspección de control de calidad antes de salir de la fábrica, la mayoría de nuestros productos tienen certificados y aprobaciones de CE, RHOS, IP67, GL, Idioma chino de informe de prueba del Instituto de China.


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