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» Aerosol Kemikal Awtomatikong Sunog Suppression System » Household Portable Aerosol Fire Extinguisher Apply to Vehicles
  • Household Portable Aerosol Fire Extinguisher Apply sa Sasakyan

    AW-PFE-1 is almost the world's smallest portable fire extinguisher based on aerosol, its application scenarios are mainly households, cars, buses, mga opisina, Mga hotel, policemen, apoy-mandirigma, and fire trucks.

    It is a special-use product, it is a spare product, if there is a fire in the house or when you go out, then you can use it to suppress fire and protect your life and properties.

    Anyone may encounter various risks on the road of life, so have it to reduce your risk.

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    The portable aerosol fire extinguisher spays aerosol compounds from a red cylinder to extinguish small fires, the materials it uses all comply with international standards, its design and construction are reasonable and fashionable, and its extinguishing performance is perfect.

    It is also called aflare fire extinguisher“, It is usually manual to operate for professional use, such as policemen, firefighters, mga opisina, households, vehicles, or kitchens.

    Ito ang ikatlong henerasyon strontium nitrate aerosol makabagong teknolohiya fighting system, parehong pang-ekonomiya at ekolohikal.

    Ito portable aerosol ay mas madaling kumuha kaysa sa maginoo portable portable extinguishers.


    • Modelo: AW-PFE-1 (AW-PSE-1)
    • Diameter: 54 millimeters.
    • Haba: 242±1 mm.
    • Aerosol kalidad: 50±5 gramo.
    • Oras ng pagpasok: 12 segundo.
    • Effective Spraying Distance to 3 metro.
    • sunog suppression pagganap: 8 B.
    • Pagtatrabaho presyon: -50 sa +95°C.
    • Timbang ng Produkto: 0.5 kilo.
    • Kulay ng Produkto: Pula.
    • The temperature at the handle location is about 55℃.
    • Fire Extinguishing Class Rate: A, B, C, E, F.
    • Halumigmig sa Atin: 98% relative.
    • Paglilingkod sa buhay: sa itaas 10 taon.
    • Commercial Warranty: maaaring maabot 2 taon.

    If you don’t like the fire extinguisher in this shape, let’s take a look at the other 2 types in the following links: Portable Aerosol Fire Extinguisher


    • Non-toxic and environmentally safe.
    • Maliit na, compact, and lightweight.
    • The cylinder part is high-quality metal with red paint, and the handle part is high-quality PVC plastic.
    • Doesn't contain a gas agent, so it is a non-pressurized extinguisher, safe for people to operate.
    • It can extinguish all types of fires A, B, C, E, F; Class A solid combustible materials, Class B liquid combustible materials, Class C gaseous combustible materials, Class E electrical equipment fires, Class For K cooking and oil fats fire.
    • Does not have damage to the surface and objects on which it is used.
    • Maintenance-free and does not require yearly inspection.
    • Not have electric conductivity.
    • No damage to engines and electronics.
    • No corrosion to the protection.
    • No thermal shock.
    • Do not have residue after discharge.
    • Friendly to human health.
    • It is not hazardous materials and not dangerous cargo.
    • Madaling patakbuhin, there are only a few simple steps to start the device.


    • For homes.
    • For offices.
    • For hotels.
    • For transport vehicles.
    • For government departments.
    • For schools, hospitals, and other public places.
    • For Fire-fighters.
    • For Police Station.
    • Outdoor Camping.
    • Mga Kusina.
    • Boats and vessels.
    • Motor Ebike.
    • Electric motors.


    When you use it, please operate as per the below steps:

    • Take it from the support at the wall.
    • Hold the handle and aim the nozzle at the flame.
    • Pull or remove the safety pin at the bottom of the handle.
    • Press down the start button.
    • Suppress the fire by sweeping the fire extinguisher from left to right, up and down.

    Please read our "USER MANUAL FOR PORTABLE AEROSOL" maingat na.

    karagdagang, please note the following:

    • Do not let a child play with it, it is dangerous.
    • Do not disassemble this fire extinguisher without permission.
    • Do not aim the nozzle of the fire extinguisher at any person.
    • Pagkatapos ng pagpapalabas ng, do not touch the nozzle part of the cylinder immediately, wait until it cools down.
    • After 10 years lifetime, replace it with a new one as soon as possible.

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    Kami ay ISANG ISO 9001, ISO14001, ISO18001 sertipiko tagagawa dalubhasa sa fire suppression system para sa isang dekada ng taon, gamitin namin ang tuktok kalidad ng materyal upang makabuo ng mga produkto at ang lahat ng mga ito ay may mahigpit na inspeksyon QC bago umalis pabrika, karamihan sa aming mga produkto ay may nakuha sertipiko at approvlas ng CE, RHOS, IP67, GL, Wikang Tsino ng Test Report mula sa China Institute.


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