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» Intelligent Fire Alarm and Detection Systems » Horn Strobe audible and visual alarm

Horn Strobe audible and visual alarm

Horn Strobe AW-CSS2166 is audible and visual alarm for indoor application, it can match with fire extinguishers to form a completely fire suppression system.

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  • Features and Applications
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  • Other Precautions


A horn strobe also called an audible and visual alarm, is a kind of terminal device for alarm, It is generally used together with the fire control panel.

When the fire control panel gets a fire signal from a heat detector or smoke detector, It will give commands to the horn strobe, then the horn strobe will sound an alarm and the light will flash continuously, Remind people where there is a fire and tell them to leave as soon as possible.

Sometimes the fire alarm bell also accompanies the horn strobe, but some projects require a horn strobe only and do not require a fire bell, so whether to use a horn strobe or fire alarm bell is decided by different projects and different fire engineering companies.

Hereby below are the main characteristics and datasheet of this product:

  • Model number: AW-CSS2166-2(4).
  • Dimension: 154*115*50.5 mm.
  • Weight of the product: about 160 to 165 grams.
  • Operating voltage: DC12 or 24 Volt.
  • Operating current: less than 60mA at 24 VDC.
  • Alarm Sound: more than 100dB at 1M.
  • Flash period: less than 1 seconds.
  • Protection Class: IP30.
  • Temperature range: -5℃ to +40℃.
  • Relative humidity: from 5% to 95% RH, non-condensing.
  • Materials and Color: ABS red.
  • Alarm sound type: 3 types, there are ambulance sound, police car sound, fire truck sound; only police car sound for fire alarm.
  • Application fields: indoor application.
  • Matching panel: CFP2166 or GEC2169.
  • Life span: 10 Years.

Our customer service team works every day 24/7, any doubts about the product data feel free to ask.


Features as follows:

  • Surface mounting.
  • There are 3 types of sound, so can choose any one.
  • Complete functional test with every activation.
  • Meets all requirements of the latest EN54-3 and EN54-23.
  • Life span is very long.
  • Friendly with any style of fire control systems.
  • Indoor application, and apply in a variety of industries.


Application as follows:

  • Computer room.
  • Data processing room.
  • Battery room.
  • Energy storage room.
  • Cargo storage warehouse.
  • High-rise building.
  • Server room.


Once people hear the horn strobe alarming, within 60 seconds please move to leave immediately, as after 60 seconds of delay time the fire suppression system will discharge.

this product is very useful, its lights will keep flashing and will sound the alarm continuously, reminding people that there is a fire, and to please evacuate quickly.



Attention for transportation:

  • During transportation, please use a strong standard carton box or wooden case to pack.
  • Handle with care!

Attention for installation:

  • Do not disassemble this device without permission from the manufacturer.
  • Do installation as per the installation manual.

Attention for storage:

  • Please store it in a dry place, and keep it away from rain, sun, and water.
  • Please keep it clean, ventilated, and away from moisture.

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