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» Superfine Dry Powder Fire Extinguishing Systems ABC style » Impulse Powder Fire Extinguisher for Car and Bus Engine Compartment
  • Impulse Powder Fire Extinguisher for Car and Bus Engine Compartment

    Super-fine ABC dry Chemical powder fire extinguisher for is a product with a long history, mainly apply in engine compartment of bus, car, truck, vessel etc,

    it suppress fire quickly, just need 3 to 5 seconds.

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    • Features and Applications
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    • Other Precautions

    Impulse powder fire extinguishers are super-fine dry chemical, are mainly for engine compartment of ships ad vehicles, battery compartment and retarder, installed in their areas where easy to get thermal runaway, This product has a certain shock resistance ability, suitable for any bad working environment, can put out class A, B, C, E fires.

    This kind of fire extinguisher can automatically complete the process from finding to extinguishing a fire, safe and efficient, easy to install and use, just need to install it in the designated location in the vehicle, when a fire breaks out in the engine, the starter assembly will quickly transfers the fire to the extinguishing device, and the fire extinguishing device will start automatically.

    It can also be activated with a pre-installed start switch, open the button box, press the inner red plastic protective cover to start the powder fire extinguisher.

    It have 2 activation mode, one is thermal activation, another is electric activation


    When get an open flame, or sensing a fire temperature of 175°C, the thermal wire will be ignited, and then the fire extinguisher will be activated.


    After sensing the fire temperature, the sound and light alarm will act, Alarm manual switch is installed in the driving area, in case of emergency, the driver can activate the fire extinguishing device from the cab, Realize the effect of temperature control and electric control.

    Product is made up of super-fine ABC dry powder, cover, sealing diaphragm, dedicated socket, activation components( thermal and electric), start control button and signal feedback device.

    It has the following parameters and data sheet:

    • Model: FFX-ACD0.3, FFX-ACD0.4, FFX-ACD0.5
    • Extinguishing agent: 0.3, 0.4, 0.5 kilograms.
    • Dimension: diameter 165*80mm(165*100mm).
    • Concentration rate: 127 gram per cubic meters.
    • Protection volume: range from 2 to 5 cubic meters.
    • Extinguishing time: less than 5 seconds.
    • Resistance of electric start: 2.4 to 5 Ω.
    • Operation voltage: DC 6-24 Voltage.
    • Activation current:less than 0.5 A and more than 0.3 A.
    • Safety current: ≤0.5 A.
    • Activation mode: electric and thermal wire.
    • Detection alarm temperature: 120±5℃.
    • Thermal line activation temperature: 175±10℃.
    • Ambient temperature: -40 to +90℃.(-20 to +50℃).
    • Device wire connector model: 282104-1.
    • Control wire specification model: NH-ⅡA-RVV-300/500-2×0.5-GA306.2-2007.



    This product have features that similar to our Minisol Aerosol Fire Extinguisher, there are:

    • Small volume.
    • Fully functional.
    • Easy to install.
    • Have function of manual start, automatic start and signal feedback.
    • Comply with requirements of GB7258-2012 and international standards.
    • Reliable quality and low price.
    • Waterproof, moisture proof, freeze proof, and not require any pressurized cylinder to load.
    • Good sealing and anti-vibration.
    • Long service life, and in line with ISO vibration standard for vehicle fire extinguishers.


    It mainly used for the following fields:

    • Vehicle engine compartment, such as bus, car.
    • Vessel engine  room.
    • Battery compartment.
    • Retarder.
    • Generator room.
    • Distribution cabinet.
    • Charging pile.
    • Cable trench and cable tunnel.
    • Archives.



    When the driver and occupant find and confirm the fire in the engine compartment, open the cover of the starter controller box which located in the cab, Press the red start button hardly to start the fire extinguisher to put out the fire(attention: There are two miniature buttons under the red launch button board, Only by pressing at the same time, the fire extinguishing device can be activated, otherwise the fire extinguishing device will not be activated); Do not open engine compartment doors and covers before and after extinguishing a fire, Because the fire extinguishing effect is better in closed space.

    Drivers and passengers should inspect the fire extinguisher regularly, if the aluminum foil at the nozzle of the fire extinguishing device is damaged, the screws of the fire extinguishing device are loose, and the wiring is disconnected, it should be replaced and repaired in time.

    Avoid open flame and high temperature operation to avoid mis-operation; when disassembling and assembling the fire extinguishing device, please ask the professional person who know about this device.


    • Handle with care when transporting.
    • Throwing is strictly prohibited.
    • Prevent collision.
    • Avoid exposure to sunlight and rain.
    • Storage warehouses require ventilation, dryness and cleanliness.
    • The height should not exceed 6 layers.


    The warranty period for this fire extinguishing device is 2 years, and life span is 5 to 10 years, after the expiration date, please contact your local dealer or manufacturer, we will replace at a discounted price.


    Our company has an after-sales service department, and has established quality and after-sales tracking service files, Free replacement if the product has quality problems.



    • Open flame and with electricity must be avoided during installation.
    • This device must use the nominal working pressure and current.
    • Regularly check the fire extinguishing device. If the fire extinguishing device is damaged or has been sprayed, the fire extinguishing device must be replaced in time.

    Temperature control(thermal cord 175℃) installation precautions

    The jet of the fire extinguisher needs to be aimed at the engine and fixed firmly, Thermal wires are routed around the engine, The thermal line and the fire extinguisher should be 15 cm away from the engine.

    Electric control installation precautions

    • Should be power off to operate.
    • Open flame work is prohibited.
    • The thermal line should be more than 15 cm away from the high temperature part of the engine, Otherwise, the temperature is high in summer, and it is easy to start.
    • Please operate according to the wiring diagram of the fire extinguishing device, Otherwise, the wrong line may be connected.
    • During the debugging process, please use a multi-meter to confirm the electric start terminal and feedback terminal; do the wire connection job after confirming it is correct, Please read the installation manual carefully before wiring.

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