Cina Top Ten Imprese nel settore della protezione antincendio e della sicurezza
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» FM200 Sistemi di protezione antincendio HFC-227EA » BLAZECUT Alternative Small Enclosure Fire Detection Tube System
  • Sistema alternativo di tubi antincendio per piccoli involucri BLAZECUT

    The non-cylinder fire-detecting tube is an innovation in the application of gas fire extinguishing systems in small enclosed spaces; it uses the principle of thermal expansion and cold contraction of plastic pipes and the principle of gas spraying to extinguish the fire.

    Facile da installare, which can be compared with Le small aerosol generator.

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    Si tratta di un sistema di tubi di rilevamento incendi economico, facile da installare e mantenere, Contiene un tubo termico realizzato con un tubo in poliammide, ed è inoltre sigillato con un tappo in acciaio inossidabile di alta qualità.

    Questo colore bianco del tubo ha due funzioni, one is to store HFC-227ea or NOVEC 1230 gas, and the other is to detect fire this product does not need a special container, and the plastic pipe can be bent and installed conveniently.

    Both HFC-227ea and NOVEC 1230 are clean agents, which means they cause little damage to the electrical cabinet and are eco-friendly, it is harmless to the human body.

    It can be started either by temperature detection or by electricity; if the temperature is upwards and reaches its activation temperature of 110±10℃, the tube will melt down and spray out gas to suppress fire; if you want it to be electricity activation, then after well installed, please make it connect with a 3 to 24v power supply, when the power is on the tube also will melt and creates a small hole to spraying gas out.

    The detection tube dimensions could be 18 (19) o 30 millimetro, and length could be 0.5 Metri, 1 Metro, 1.5 Metri, 2 Metri, or at most 8 Metri; the gas quality filling inside it includes 125 Grammi, 250 Grammi, 500 Grammi, 750 Grammi, 1000 Grammi, 1500 Grammi, and so on; different gas quality for covering different protection volume.

    It is widely used in many small enclosure spaces, BLAZECUT is famous because of this, but we are also not bad, below are some of our cylinder-less fire detection tube parameters:

    • Chemical Name: Heptafluoropropane or perfluorohexanone fire detection tube.
    • Suppression agent: HFC-227ea or NOVEC 1230.
    • Diametro esterno del tubo: 18 (19)mm or 30 (31) millimetro.
    • Tube color: White.
    • Tube length: gamma da 0.5 m to 8 m adjustable.
    • Modalità di attivazione: thermal or electric.
    • Pressure switch function: included.
    • Tube material: plastic of polyamide.
    • Tempo di scarico: meno di 60 Secondi.
    • Amount of agent: gamma da 125 A 4 Chilogrammi.
    • Volume protettivo: spazia da 0.2 A 8 m3 ·.
    • Temperatura: -40 a +90°C.
    • Temperatura di attivazione: 105±3℃.
    • Minimum bending radius: 160 millimetro.
    • Normal storage pressure: 10 A 15 bar.
    • Activation pressure: 18±2 bar.
    • Tempo di garanzia: 1 A 2 anni.
    • Durata della vita: 4-5 anni.


    This fire detection tube has similar features to Le Minisol aerosol fire extinguisher, except that the aerosol generator is without pressure to storage, hereby below we list the features of the tube fire suppression system:

    • Install in an enclosed space or semi-enclosed space.
    • Easy to install and fully independent operation without power supply, no special training required.
    • Automatic to detect fire and suppress fire.
    • Small in size and space-saving, moreover, it is lightweight.
    • Highly effective and rapidly suppressing the fire at its initial stage.
    • Strong versatility, applicable to all types of vehicles and electrical cabinets.
    • The agent storage tank is not required.
    • Maintenance-free and does not have any operation cost.
    • It can select to set a pressure switch or other signal unit to expand functions.
    • Release efficient and clean gas without residue.
    • There is no need to store pressure in the pipe, and the pressure increases automatically with temperature rise.
    • Temperature sensing starts automatically without manual intervention.
    • The pressure gauge monitors pressure change.
    • Long service life for 5-10 years depending on the installation environment.
    • The released agent will not damage the parts in the engine compartment, the power distribution cabinet, or the human body.
    • It can operate at low temperatures, a minimum of -40℃.
    • Its starting temperature is 110 ± 10 °C.


    It is normally installed in electrical cabinets, Pannelli di controllo, and various vehicles in their engine compartment, inoltre, it also can reach below fields:

    • Bancomat.
    • CNC machines.
    • Laser cutters.
    • Cucine.
    • Cable junction box.
    • Power generators.
    • Scatola del contatore.
    • Elevator lift equipment.
    • Change cabinet.
    • Energy storage equipment.


    • Please read and understand the instruction manual carefully before putting the equipment into use.
    • Do not change or disassemble this product at will, as it may cause serious damage to the product.
    • Technicians shall wear protective equipment during installation and maintenance.
    • Do not connect this product to other devices at will, because it may be incompatible.
    • Only technicians or people with installation knowledge are allowed to install the modified product to prevent wrong operation.
    • No mechanical interference is allowed, during its transportation, immagazzinamento, and installation process.
    • Do not unscrew the pressure gauge and other mounting accessories anytime and anywhere.
    • When the high pressure of the pipe is about to burst, do not approach to avoid accidental injury.
    • This fire extinguishing device can only extinguish small space fires. If you want to extinguish large space fires, please consider other fire extinguishing systems, come heptafluoropropane fire extinguishing system.

    Please consult our customer service personnel or technicians for other unclear precautions, Aware Fire Team will serve you wholeheartedly.

    This fire hose is mainly used in the following two fields:

    1. Electrical Cabinet.

    The power industry is an important industry that affects the national economy and the people's livelihood. once the power supply and distribution system fails or is damaged, it will cause huge losses to the society. Pertanto, it is necessary to protect electrical equipment. One of the main safety risks of electrical equipment is spontaneous combustion.

    The electrical cabinet is in long-term operation. If overload, overheating, short circuit, and other phenomena occur, It's easy to catch fire. It is very difficult to put out a fire manually in the electrical cabinet, owners often can only look at the fire and sigh. At this time, if the electrical cabinet is equipped with an automatic protection device against spontaneous combustion, the economic loss of the owner will be greatly reduced if it is extinguished quickly.

    2. Auto Vehicles.

    The engine is the most important part of a car. once the engine fails or is damaged, it will cause huge losses to the owner. Pertanto, it is necessary to protect the engine. one of the main safety risks of engines is spontaneous combustion.

    The engine compartment is always at a high temperature. In case of fuel leakage, aging, and short circuit of wires, It's easy to catch fire. It is very difficult to put out a fire in the engine compartment manually, At this time, if it is equipped with an automatic protection device against spontaneous combustion, the economic loss of auto vehicle owners will be greatly reduced if it is extinguished quickly.

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