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» Blog » Small Aerosol Device Protects Agricultural Machinery

Un piccolo dispositivo aerosol protegge le macchine agricole

August 16, 2023

Introduction Overview

Fire is one of the frequent and widespread disasters that threaten public safety and social development, With the development of society and economy, the rapid upgrading of modern agriculture, the degree of mechanization in the entire process of agricultural production has significantly increased, the range and frequency of use of agricultural machinery have increased, and safety issues of agricultural machinery have also occurred frequently, leading to an increasing risk of fire.

Due to tight schedules, heavy tasks, long working hours, and hot weather, agricultural machinery is prone to fire accidents, Pertanto, people need to pay high attention to the fire prevention and control issues of agricultural machinery.


The overall material properties of agricultural machinery are composed of solids, liquids, and gases, which means that agricultural machinery fires can be generally referred to as ABC-type fires. The reasons for these fires are as follows:

  • 1. Circuitry. Hot weather, slow heat dissipation, and aging insulation of wires and cables are prone to fire; or if there is combustible material on the battery head, a spark will be generated when the current increases to ignite the combustible material.
  • 2. Oil circuit. The oil pipe leaks and ruptures, causing fuel to drip into the high-temperature parts of agricultural machinery and causing a fire.
  • 3. Exhaust pipe. The exhaust pipe is not equipped with a safety fireproof cover, and sparks can ignite combustible materials.
  • 4. Other. When the temperature is high, the braking system is emergency braked, and the friction between the bearing and the belt, and so on.

Agricultural machinery must be overhauled in advance when entering the rice field for operation. It is necessary to check whether the lines, batteries, line connectors, and other places are firm but more important is to equip agricultural machinery with reliable and effective fire extinguishing products.

Characteristics of Aerosol Fire Extinguishing Systems for Agricultural Machinery

The aerosol fire extinguisher is invented according to the characteristics and working environment of agricultural machinery. The automatic fire extinguishing device can completely total flooding or direct-to-source extinguish the engine of agricultural machinery.

The device has remarkable characteristics:

  • The device is safe, reliable, also without power and voltage.
  • The stainless steel shell makes the system compact and stable.
  • 10 years life span, No maintenance is required during the service life.
  • It can be applied in harsh environments with good impact and vibration resistance.
  • The precise and rapid temperature sensing detection technology is adopted, which can accurately judge the fire and respond quickly.

The device applies to a variety of models of tillage machines, cotton picking machines, plant protection machines, drainage and irrigation machines, power transmission machines, and planting and fertilization machines. Through the fire detectors installed in the engine room, distribution box, battery box, and other flammable spaces of agricultural machinery, monitor the internal temperature of agricultural machinery in real time; When the temperature of mechanical parts reaches the rated temperature of the detector, the thermal detector will react immediately and trigger the start function of the fire extinguishing system, and start the fire extinguisher to extinguish the fire.

A good automatic fire extinguishing system can not only meet the fire protection needs of safe operation of agricultural machinery, but also effectively reduce the probability of fire, and ensure the fire safety of farmers in the process of operation, to assist the agricultural industry to have a better development.

Practical cases

From June 6 to June 9, 2023, two harvester fires occurred in Xinghua district, Taizhou City, Jiangsu Province, When the two harvesters were in fire, they both collected in the wheat field; When the fire department arrived at the scene, it found that the harvester had been surrounded by fire and ignited the surrounding straw; With the efforts of firefighters, the fire was put out and the spread of the fire was controlled in time, but the harvester has been completely burned down; After the investigation and understanding of the police, the harvester driver worked continuously for more than 10 hours to catch, causing the machinery to overheat and cause a fire.

When farming is busy, fire is no small matter”, please take care of your agricultural machinery and choose a good fire extinguishing system to protect its safety it.

Osservazione: The detectors can use a thermal cord Dispositivo di attivazione termica, or other new invention.

Similar Applications

  • 1. Mining machinery, we have installed many of these products in the mining machinery, including Bulldozers, excavators, and coal transportation machinery.
  • 2. Passenger vehicles, such as buses, school buses, Auto, and trucks.
  • 3. Agricultural machinery.

Please contact us promptly for detailed installation cases and documents.

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