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» Energy Repono ignis Extinguishers » Lithium Battery LiFePO4 fire extinguisher
  • Lithium Pugna LiFePO4 ignis extinguentis

    Aerosol fire extinguisher for Lithium Battery LiFePO4, lithium-ion battery packs and energy storage system, we have installation case and perfect solution for that.

    Ceterum, it can used in other fields: Electrical cabinet, Auto vehicles, incurrens acervus.

    • Descriptio
    • Features and Application
    • Extra Information
    • Aliae cautiones

    Lithium battery LiFePO4 now is popular and hot in the world market, as it is could be used for enegery storage systems, for solar power power generaton systems and for electric vehicles, even for small electric scooters and electric bike.

    Lithium ion batteries are usually rechargeable and have a long service life. However, if under high temperature and excessive use will shorten the battery life, and also may cause a bad fire.

    Ergo, lithium battery manufacturers and their dealers should also consider how to protect lithium batteries from thermal runaway while selling batteries, manufacturers should consider installing a suitable small fire extinguisher to the lithium battery pack when producing lithium batteries, or the dealer can provide fire extinguishers when selling lithium batteries, so as to solve the customer’s worries after purchase.

    There are few suitable fire extinguishers for lithium battery protection, but this small aerosol fire extinguisher produced by us will be the best choice:

    • Product name: Lithium-ion battery LiFePO4 fire extinguisher.
    • Exemplar numerus: AW-QRR0.012GW/S-S. (another shape one Aerosol QRR0.012G/S/SA is also for lithium-ion battery fire protection).
    • Dimension: 49*32*20 mm.
    • Hole spacing for installaiton: φ4*40 mm.
    • Fire suppression type: aerosol.
    • Suppression volume: ad maxime 0.2 metrorum cubicorum.
    • Consilium contractaton: plus quam 60 P. per cubicorum.
    • Compositum qualitas: 12 P.±0.5.
    • Scelerisque funiculus longitudinis: 400 mm, est adjustable.
    • Scelerisque elementum sentiens: 175scelerisque funiculus.
    • SPARSIO tempus: 4 seconds.
    • SPARSIO mora temporis: 1 seconds.
    • operating temperatus: -50 to +95℃.
    • COLLUM temperatus: 200.
    • Service vita: 10 annis secundum productum velit test.
    • install: ANISOCYCLUM et gluten, sicut per Installation Manual.
    • Applicationem: Lithium altilium et altilium sarcina, Energy continens repono, Tabulae solares et inverters.


    Hoc productum est speciale ad parvum spatium ignis praesidio, hoc est hoc features:

    • Parvus et compactus in magnitudine, est solum 4.9 centimeter longitudo, 3.2 latitudo centimeter, et 2 altitudo centimeter.
    • Ignis pugnandi efficacia est altissima, solum 12 P. aerosol compositis ad cylindrum satiata, et potest operire 0.2 m3 spatium.
    • Green products, id est non-toxicus et non-product, etiam, non polluit aerem et ambitum, cum ODP 0 *, GWP=0, ALT=0.
    • Est chemica est non-mordax, after releasing will not cause any damage to the lithium batteries and their electronic elements.
    • After relasing, it has little residue, you will not necessary to work about whether it will hard to clean up.
    • It can operate at ultra-high temperature and ultra-low temperature, the operationg temperature range is: -40ad +95℃.
    • It is automatic detect fire and automatic to start to suppress fire, no manual intervention required.
    • It can not only be installed in the lithium battery and energy storage field, but also be applied in other fields, like electrical cabinet suppression.


    As it is small size fire extinguisher, so it can install in many narrow and enclosed space for fire protection, hereby below we list out some for your reference:

    • Lithium-ion Battery and battery pack.
    • Solar panel inverter and energy storage.
    • Energy storage system container.
    • Portable power station.
    • Small size electrical cabinet and control panel.
    • EV scooters motorcycle.
    • RV UPS solar ebike.
    • Electricity box.
    • ATM mahine.
    • Metrum box.
    • Electric tricycle car.
    • Solar Generator.
    • Solar carport.
    • Solar Inverter.
    • Electric boat.

    PACKING, DEVECTIO et repono

    during packing, transportation and storage process, you should as per following instructions:

    • The package shall be protected by foam board or pearl cotton, and then packed in cardboard boxes.
    • Per translationem, it is better to put it on the wooden box first, and stick the label of "Handle with Care" on the wooden box.
    • Store it in a ventilated and dry place, Also, avoid exposure to the sun and rain.


    When installing and using this extinguisher, please note that:

    • Do not disassemble the internal structure of the fire extinguisher without permission, which may damage it.
    • During installation and commissioning, refer to the Operating Instructions.
    • If the operation error causes the fire extinguisher to start, please leave immediately or keep a distance of more than 3m.
    • Please be sure to read the lithium battery manual when installing it near the lithium battery.
    • Please do not touch the shell after the product starts spraying, because the shell temperature is very high.
    • Please don't give it to children, in case of any accident.

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