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» Aerosol Chemical Ignis Automatic Suppressio Systems » Small Control Panel Thermal Temperature Sensing Automatic Fire Suppression System-Aerosol
  • Small Control Panel Thermal Temperature Sensing Automatic Fire Suppression System-Aerosol

    China's unique style stand-alone automatic system system-aerosol-based thermal cord temperature sensing system for narrow space fire protection, such as electrical panels, control boxes, meter boxes, small size vehicle engine rooms yacht cabins,s, etc.


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    This topic is Small Control Panel Thermal Temperature Sensing Automatic Fire Suppression System-Aerosol.
    this product is very special and only can be produced in China, our company is the ancestor who is the first in China to research and develop this product and put it into the market.

    This product has a very good sell across many applications and industries, et notam nostram a multis fabrum cognoscitur, distributors, and dealers, Quid est hoc productum particularitas?? infra me inducere:

    • It is a temperature sensing by using a thermal cord line, which is with a rated temperature of 175℃ or 300℃, quando ambiens temperatus attingit aestimavit temperies, funis scelerisque incipiet uri, and so that to start up the aerosol fire suppression device.
    • Est automatic, in other words, it does not need any outer power supply, scelerisque funiculus est automatic ignis detector et actus, and it can trigger the aerosol generator automatically.
    • The product is aerosol-based, aerosol consilio intentio est 100 grams for each cubic meter, sic productum exstinguendi facultatem valde fortis, parva compositis ut operias magnum spatium.
    • It could be applied in very small spaces, such as a meter box, parva imperium panel, parva car engine cellula, ATM, and small manufacturing machinery, etc.
    • Some gas suppression systems like FM200, CO2, IG541, and NOVEC1230 are not able to reach small spaces, sed hoc productum est perfecta solutio.


    Hoc aerosol ratio productum est dolor, pacto, and versatile because it has the following parameters:

    • Product Name: Scelerisque Funiculus Line Automatic Aerosol Ignis Suppressio Systems.
    • Pars Number: AW-QH-***. ( “***” esse 20TH, 30TH, 60TH, 100TH, 150TH, 200TH, 250TH, 300TH, 500TH, 750TH, 1000TH, 1500TH, 2000TH, 2500TH, 3000TH, 3500TH, 4000TH, 4200TH, 5700TH).
    • Scelerisque linea longitudo: plus quam 0.3 metris.
    • Aerosol Compone Quality: iugis a 20 P. to 5700 P. *.
    • Compositum Concentration: 100 P. per cubicum metrum.
    • Praesidium Volumen: iugis a 0.2 m3 to 57 m3.
    • Satus Methodus: Scelerisque Cord, Linea scelerisque, Temperatus Sensus.
    • Product Size: ad nostrum “Installation Manual“.
    • Suppressio Tempus: minor quam 60 seconds, vide noster “Technical Data Sheet”.
    • Product pondus: Ex 0.3 to 28 chiliogrammata.
    • Cylindrus: 304 immaculatam ferro ac per figuram, ac institutionem brackets, ANISOCYCLUM, and support are included.
    • Relativum Umor: 95%.
    • Ambiens Tempus: -40ad + 108℃.
    • Scelerisque Line Rated Temperature: 175±5℃ ( blue color one), 300±5℃(red color one).
    • Surface Temperature of The Aerosol Device After Release: minus quam 100℃.
    • COLLUM Temperature Aerosol Generator Post Dimissionem: minor quam 200 .
    • Product Vita Span: certe 10 annos, ac perveniant 15 annos.
    • Warantum Tempus: certe 1 annus.
    • sarcina: tutela spumam, white color box, brown carton box, and fumigation wooden case.

    Jiangxi Aware Fire Technology Co., Ltd is a China Leading Manufacturer of innovative aerosol fire extinguishers, habemus CATALOGUS, BROCHURE, FLYER, and other details parameters about this product, contact or e-mail us directly to get more details.



    Compared with some other styles of fire suppression systems, aerosol systems have particular features as follows:

    • Compact and lightweight, potest aliquod spatium, such as small control panels.
    • Non-piping system, non sine aliqua pressura operatur, non eget aliquam pressurized cylindrici ad.
    • Environmentally amica, the data sheet from the test report shows that this aerosol system is: nulla in Global Warming Potential, nulla in Ozone accumsan deperditionem, and low in ALT value.
    • Non-toxic, the test uses a little mouse to have a test, after several days the mouse is still alive, ideo significat aerosol compositum est non-toxicus.
    • Non conductive, habemus test videos ut ostenderet quod post dimissionem parum residuum ibi relictum est.
    • IP67 is waterproof and dustproof, we have a test report for IP67 to show that after soaking in water and dust for 24 horae, in aerosol cylindri IMPERVIUS et pulvis-probatio, but it still can work very well.
    • Automatic and works stand-alone, funis scelerisque in elementum activum est latae sententiae ac soli-sta.


    It is a smart, pacto, and space-saving protection system, ut manifesto, it can be widely applied in many industries and fields:

    • Mediocres magnitudinis Imperium Panels.
    • Parva magnitudo electrica repositoria.
    • Metrum box.
    • Vehiculum engine cellula.
    • EV Scooters.
    • CNC machinery.
    • Bank machinery.
    • Constructio machinarum.
    • Testimonia antra.
    • Naves marinae et navigia certamina etc.
    • Computatrum labs.
    • Intelligentes purgamentorum.
    • Apparatus agriculturae parva.
    • Aliud spatium clausurae ignis praesidio.
    • Rechstacker positis gruis.
    • Dimittite scrinium.
    • Electric counter.
    • Elevans ministerium armorum.
    • Rental materia pertractatio armorum.

    Aerosol Ignis Suppressio Systema fere ubique applicatur, It saves lives and protects your assets on land and at sea.


    • Irrevocabilis Epistula Credit in aspectu.
    • Filum Transfer.
    • D/P.
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    • Pecunia gram.
    • Escrow.
    • Paypal.
    • Occidentalis Unionis.
    • Credit card.


    • For samples or small quantities of order by express, 3 to 7 dies post mercedem accipere.
    • For bulk orders, 7 to 21 days after getting payment, are decided by different quantities.
    • For OEM service need to discuss special conditions.


    Read our INSTALLATION MANUAL diligenter prius prius quam institutionem ac systema debugging.

    Make sure there should be skilled people or a professional technician to install it.

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    Nos sumus ISO 9001, ISO14001, ISO18001 certificatorium opificem specialize in igne systematis suppressionis per decennium annorum, utimur summa qualitate materiae ad fructus producendos et omnes eorum inspectiones stricte QC transeunt antequam officinas relinquat, pleraeque fructus e nostris testimoniales et approvlas CE . habent, RHOS, IP67, GL, Lingua Testimonia Sinarum Report e Sinis Instituti.


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