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» Ignis intelligentes Alarm et Deprehensio Systems » Smoke and Heat Detectors Matching with Fire Extinguishing System
  • Detector fumus et calor ignis exstinguendi System

    Smoke detector and heat detector are two brothers, one is for smoke sensing and another for temperature sensing, both of them have to work with fire control panel and comply with other relative components.

    • Descriptio
    • Features and Applications
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    Fumus detector exemplar numerus est: AW-CSD381, suum plenum nomen est “conventional photo-electronic fumum detector”, utatur status artis optical sentiendi cubiculi, sit pro umbraticis regio praesidio, potest operari cum ignis imperium panel AW-GEC2169 and AW-CFP2166, the detector that initiate the alarm condition will have its red LED and relays latched until reset by the fire control panel.

    Pelagus parametri et data sheet:

    • Exemplar numerus: AW-CSD381.
    • Magnitudo: 9.95*9.95*4.82 cm.
    • Pondus: de " 115.00 P. *.
    • Pugna: sine.
    • Principalis voltage: 24 VDC or 12 VDC.
    • Operatio current: magna status ≤120uA, Terror status ≤15mA.
    • Wiring: Zone + et Zone-, promissio duorum bus ratio.
    • Praesidium Classis: IP 30.
    • Fumus terror sensus: 0.1 to 0.15 dB per meter.
    • Connection: No. 5 est zona initus +; No. 6 est zona initus -, No. 2 Nullam est output NO; No. 3 Nullam est output COM.
    • Nullam output value: 0.5A at 24 VDC.
    • Environmental: Class A temperatus range from -10 to +50℃.
    • Relativum humiditas: ≤95% RH, non-condensatione.
    • Coitus ignis imperium panel: AW-CFP2166, AW-GEC2169.
    • Applicationem: ad usum amet.


    Descriptio caloris detectoris eadem fere est ac fumus detector, differentia est quod calor detector est invenire ignem sentiendo caliditatem in igne.

    Principalis parametri ac data linteum ut sequitur:

    • Item numerus: AW-CTD382.
    • Dimension: 99.5*99.5*4.82 mm.
    • Product pondus: 100 P. *.
    • attributum: Calor deprehendendi.
    • Connection: sicut fumus detector.
    • Nullam output: 0.5@24DC.
    • Standby current: Minus quam 120uA.
    • Maximus terror current: minor quam 15 ma.
    • Wiring conditione: Sicut fumus detector.
    • Fix temperatus terrorem: 57A2R.
    • Rate ortum terrorem: 7.1/ 5 seconds, A2R.
    • Ambientium, temperatus: -10 ad + 60℃.
    • Relativum humiditas: 5% to 95% RH, non-condensatione.
    • Color et Materials: Alba abs plastic.
    • Matching host: AW-GEC2169, AW-CFP2166.

    Till present, many trading and contracting companies, and construction and engineering companies like to buy from us directly, their projects in need of kinds of fire suppression systems and fire alarm systems according to their project requirement, most of them send us the drawings in .dwg or .pdf to help design for them.


    details as follow:

    • It is photo-electric type spot detector.
    • Built in dual LED's.
    • 360 degree visualization.
    • Remote indicator output.
    • Compatible with any fire alarm system in the market.
    • Superficies adscendens.
    • DUXERIT indicator.
    • Completely functional test with every activation.
    • Meet with all requirement for latest standard EN54-7:2018.

    The features of heat detector AW-CTD382 is almost the same as AW-CSD381.



    No matter smoke detector or heat detector, they all belongs to the detection system, they normally work together with fire alarm control panel to form a complete fire alarm system.

    In a fire protection room, both need smoke detectors and heat detectors.

    in case the smoke detector sensing out fire, it will send signal to fire control panel; and if the heat detector find out fire, it also will send signal to the fire control panel, Both of them work together to better identify fires, so that the controller can take measures accurately.



    • Packing them into standard export carton box.
    • To prevent moisture, keep them in a dry and ventilated house.
    • When do installation, do the job of installation strictly as per Instruction Manual, and use standard installation tools.


    Carton Quantity: 10 PCS per Box, 10 Boxes per Carton.

    • Box Size: 20.5*23.5*11 cm.
    • Carton Size: 43*27*58 cm.
    • Pondus: 1.42 kilograms per box, et 14.2 kilograms per carton.

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