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» Aerosol Chemical Automatic Fire Suppression Systems » Lithium-ion Battery Fire Protection Systems-Aerosol Compound
  • Lithium-ion Battery Fire Protection Systems-Aerosol Compound

    Extinguishing Chemical-Aerosol Compound, Details refer to our Material Safety Data Sheet, aerosol based is a better lithium-ion batteries fire suppression solution, which is better than BLAZECUT.

    We are the first manufacturer that engages, researches, and develops aerosol systems for lithium batteries, we have rich experience in producing them.

    for a complete solution with a specific design, please feel free to Contact Us directly.


    • Description
    • Features and Application
    • Extra Information
    • Other Precautions


    Lithium battery is a small electrical element, which makes most of the fire extinguishing equipment on the market unable to match it, a company called BLAZECUT researched a white color fire detection tube that could fill with HFC-227ea agent or NOVEC1230 inside, but as its size is at least diameter 18mm*600mm, it seems it is also not a good solution for such a small lithium-ion battery fire protection.

    Until the year 2020, our aerosol compound QRR0.012G/S/SA was published, and the problem of fire protection for lithium-ion batteries was well solved.

    QRR0.012G/S/SA is a special design for lithium-ion compartments but also can be applied for some other smaller narrow spaces, like electrical cabinets and DB boxes because it is small enough to be put into a lithium battery box.


    Below we list out some main technical data sheets of QRR0.012G/S/SA- lithium battery aerosol solution:

    • Type: QRR0.012G/S/SA (Remark: 0.007, 0.02, 0.03, 0.04, 0.05, 0.06 also available)
    • Size: diameter of 40 mm, and height of 20 mm (As per the Installation Manual for QRR0.012G-S-SA).
    • Hole Spacing Distance for Installation: φ40.1*54.1 mm.
    • Aerosol Concentration: ≤60g per cubic meter.
    • Protective volume: 0.2 cubic meters.
    • Aerosol Releasing Time: 4 Seconds.
    • Cylinder Colour: Red and other Special design colour.
    • Rated Temperature of Thermal Line: 175℃.
    • Thermal line length: 0.3 meters (can be extended upon customer request).
    • Electric cable length: 0.3 meters (can be extended as per the request of clients)
    • Activation Current: ≥701 mA (Direct Current Power Supply).
    • Safety Current: ≤151mA (Direct Current).
    • Electric Start-up Time: about 1 Second.
    • Ambient Temperature Range: -50℃ to +95℃.
    • Life Time: 15 Years.
    • Warranty Time: 1 to 2 Years.
    • Compatibility: it can work with a fire alarm and fire detection system, especially can match with a gaseous fire alarm panel.


    Item Height in mm Diameter in mm Protective Volume in m³ Installation
    QRR0.007G/S/SA 40.00 20.00 0.1 exploding screws and/or 3M glue
    QRR0.016G/S/SA 60.00 22.00 0.25 exploding screws and/or 3M glue
    QRR0.02G/S/SA 60.00 25.50 0.30 exploding screws and/or 3M glue
    QRR0.03G/S/SA 60.00 25.50 0.50 exploding screws and/or 3M glue
    QRR0.04G/S/SA 99.00 27.50 0.60 exploding screws and/or 3M glue
    QRR0.05G/S/SA 99.00 27.50 0.80 exploding screws and/or 3M glue
    QRR0.06G/S/SA 99.00 27.50 1.00 exploding screws and/or 3M glue


    Click here to read and download QRR0.012G/S/SA INSTALLATION MANUAL

    This style of aerosol special design for lithium battery fire protection, as it is small in size, also can be applied in some other enclosure spaces,

    it has its particularity.


    • Our skilled technician who is over 60 years old specially designed this product for lithium-ion battery, the product design is handsome and perfect.
    • Aerosol with small dimensions, especially the height of aerosol is about 2 cm, could be able to installed in lithium battery boxes.
    • Aerosol belongs to a clean extinguishing compound, it leaves no residue after discharging, its global warming potential value and ozone layer depletion potential value are almost zero, will not damage the components in the lithium battery.
    • Highly concentrated, small aerosol quality covers large volumes, is lightweight, and space-saving.
    • It could have a signal feedback function, and an activation function is thermal plus electric start-up.
    • It can work with a stand-alone trigger device called "THERMAL ACTIVATION DEVICE".


    • Small vehicles
    • Heavy equipment including loader, excavator, tactical assault/riot control, bulldozer.
    • Electric motorcycle.
    • Small electric box.
    • Small electrical products.
    • Lithium-ion batteries.
    • Refrigerator.
    • Washing machine.
    • Air conditioner.
    • Cable connector.
    • 3D printers.
    • Special army and police vehicles.
    • Telecom tower schetters.
    • Ventilation devices.
    • Laser cuttings.


    • Class A Fire-Solid Combustibles.
    • Class B fire-Flammable Liquids.
    • Class C fire-Flammable Gases.
    • Class E Fire-Electrical Appliances.

    QRR0.012G/S/SA aerosol fire suppression device can suppress the fire of Class A, B, C, and E rapidly.

    The device is suitable for ambient temperatures of -50℃ to +95℃ (in a short time can reach +125℃), most suitable for small enclosure space fire protection, such as small electrical cabinet/panel, coffer, lithium battery, etc; it belongs to fixed type fire suppression system.


    When the device gets an activation signal from the fire control panel or the thermal cord, the aerosol compound inside the device is activated, then rapidly causes aerosol particles gas and the gas running out from the nozzle(side), to total flooding in the fire protection zone, to suppress the fire.


    • Do not get close to the heat source when it is being in transportation, storage, and installation, please avoid sunlight and rain.
    • Do not use the product when the aerosol device’s outer shell is damaged.
    • Do not disassemble the device without the permission of the manufacturer.
    • People who enter the site must wear gas masks, in case the aerosol device is being in discharging.


    • Please read carefully the installation manual before installation, and check the device and its accessories, install it after confirming that every component is good.
    • Inspection Method:
      • Appearance Inspection: check the appearance of the device, it should not drop paint, no indentation and no deformation, and accessories should be complete.
      • The product has passed strict factory inspection, however, the device and its accessories may be damaged due to various reasons during transportation; so when doing installation, it is necessary to inspect each device according to the above method.


    • Take out the installation bracket of the aerosol device and fix it, there should be no obstacles between the aerosol device and the protective objectives. if necessary, the installer can install the auxiliary support also, the auxiliary support should be able to bear at least 5 times the weight of the aerosol device, to make sure the aerosol device is firmly installed.
    • When installing, you need to consider avoiding high-temperature areas above 95℃. there should be no obstacles within 0.1m in diameter of the aerosol device.
    • Do not disassemble the device without the permission of the manufacturer. The thermal cord should be arranged along where the fire perhaps will occur; it is forbidden to install it at the high-temperature pipelines, in case of is activated by mistake.
    • After releasing, the cylinder of the aerosol device is super hot with high temperature, so it is forbidden to touch it and wait until it cools down before you can handle it.
    • During its valid time, there is no need to hold yearly quality inspections; The cylinder of the aerosol device needs to be regularly cleaned of dust and dirty according to the actual situations; if it is found to be deformed or damaged, it should be replaced in time; Regularly check wiring for open circuit, short circuit and resistance value of the ignition device and keep records.
    • The related losses caused by abnormal installation, maintenance, and use are not within the scope of the company's warranty.


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    We are a ISO 9001, ISO14001, ISO18001 certificated manufacturer specialize in fire suppression system for a decade of years, we use top quality of material to produce the products and all of them have pass strictly QC inspection before leaving factory, most of our products have got certificates and approvlas of CE, RHOS, IP67, GL, Chinese Language of Test Report from China Institute.


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