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» Blog » Mini Condensed Aerosol Has Become The Best Solution for Wind Turbine Fire Protection

Mini Condensed Aerosol Has Become The Best Solution for Wind Turbine Fire Protection

June 17, 2022


The past 10 years ago, Solving the problem of fan fire protection was a big problem, as the wind turbine is a big guy and high-value equipment, but in the engine room the space is a bit narrow, not able to install FM200 and other gas suppression systems, instead at that time many wind turbine engineering and fire engineering companies choose to install ABC dry chemical fire suppression device, the dry powder product is also small guy and could be installed inside the wind turbine very well, but one drawback limits its application, that is: ABC dry powder is not easy to clean up and will damage the wind turbine components.

So these installation companies began to search for a better fire suppression solution for wind turbines, and they found out that condensed aerosol fire extinguishers would be an alternative, especially the mini type.

Then Firepro, Stat-X, Pyrogen, DSPA, and Minisol Became their first choice to install in wind turbines.

Only in the year 2021, millions of wind turbines are required to install aerosol generators inside the wind turbine engine room and electrical cabinets, it is required that large-sized aerosol for wind turbine engine room for total flooding, and small-sized aerosol for electrical cabinets for local applications.

Wind turbines work 24 hours a day without being watched, after a long time operation and it is easy to get thermal runaway.

there is an article to describe it: how do wind turbine works?


Some partners asked ” why an aerosol fire extinguisher is a better solution for wind turbine fire protection?”, for this question, we need to explain the advantages of aerosol:

  • Aerosol fire extinguishers are compact, it can be installed in any narrow space, and the wind turbine space is limited, so aerosol is a good product to install.
  • Wind turbines are usually built in high mountains, grasslands, or at sea, There is usually a lot of moisture in these places, and aerosol cylinders are generally sealed, water-proof, and dust-proof, so they can anti-moisture, it very suitable to install in these places.
  • Aerosol fire extinguishing agent is made up of clean chemicals, it is non-toxic, non-corrosive, non-conductive, and causes little residue after discharging, will not damage the wind turbine, and is easy to clean up after discharging.
  • Aerosol concentration is about 50 to 100 grams per cubic meter, this means that the aerosol suppression efficiency is high and cost-effective.
  • Aerosol technology is the newest fire suppression technology, Has been proved by scientific experiments that it is an environmentally friendly product.
  • Our “S” type aerosol uses “strontium nitrate” as the main oxidant, which makes the aerosol chemical cause little damage to electronic equipment, as we know, inside the wind turbine engine room, there are many electronic components and equipment over there, our product is very suitable for wind turbines.


There is not only aerosol installed in wind turbines but needs to be accompanied by some other accessories and supporting equipment:

  • Aerosol Device with installation bracket, screws, plug-in and actuators.
  • Fire alarm control system, includes smoke detectors, heat detectors, gas detectors, flame detectors, manual call points, gas-releasing indicators, alarm bells, etc.
  • Time delay starter.
  • Anti-static protective cover and dust protection cover.


Frequent occurrence of wind power fires resulting in increased demand for wind power fire protection, every year all over the world thousands of wind turbines suffer from fire, and only in China in the last month of June of 2022, there 25 wind power fire accidents happened in wind farms. this is terrible!

So now in China, every wind farm the first thing their do is install an aerosol fire fire extinguisher in the wind turbine, it is cost-effective and value-able for them to do this, in the worldwide wind industry, many wind power farms also choose to install AEROSOL SYSTEM as their best fire suppression choice. is perfect for wind turbine fire.

For more details about WIND TURBINE FIRE PROTECTION, ELECTRICAL CABINET SUPPRESSION, and vehicle fire PROTECTION, contact the engineer from our company and we will explain more.

Thermal Sensing Aerosol Suppression System is perfect for wind turbine fire.

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