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» FM200 Fire Protection Systems HFC-227EA » Non-piping Cabinet Type FM200 Suppression System for Large Space Fire Prevention

Non-piping Cabinet Type FM200 Suppression System for Large Space Fire Prevention

Cabinet Type FM200 system is a non-piping system for total flooding hazard, it uses the cleanest agent HFC-227ea as suppression chemicals, are widely installed in power rooms, data rooms, computer rooms, etc.

with cabinet over there, then you can install it in the room space, no need for other additional cylinder rooms.

It will not cause any harm to the human body and the environment, it is a halon alternative.


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Gas fire extinguishing agent is one of the four (water, foam, dry chemical, and gas) traditional fire extinguishing agents, among them, HFC-227EA Heptafluoropropane has excellent properties cleanliness, and high efficiency, now it has become a widely used clean gas fire extinguishing agent.

Because halon 1211 and 1301  were phased out because they would destroy the atmospheric ozone layer, HFC-227ea was born, and HFC-227ea became the halon-alternative product and popular.

In the 1990s, this HFC-227ea FM200 system came into China and China fire suppression systems because produced this product and improved it, we researched a cabinet housing-based system.

Cabinet type FM200 suppression system is much easier to operate and install than those complex piping systems in other countries, we named it ” Cabinet Type Clean Agent Fire Suppression System”, its main chemical is HFC-227es, so we also called it ” Cabinet Type FM200 System”.

HFC-227ea is the main chemical that is used all over the world for fire suppression and is very popular, almost 50% of fire suppression systems adopt HFC-227ea as the main agent, so obviously, the FM200 suppression system is the most popular in the world, NOVEC1230 system still not be able to match with him.

A complete hepta-fluoropropane system consists of many components, there are container valve, Agent cylinder, HFC-227EA Agent, Siphon, Signal Feedback Device, Electromagnetic Valve, high-pressure hose, nozzles, etc.

When the system works, it will flood the whole room by spraying out the suppression agent of HFC-227ea, within 10 seconds it will suppress fire successfully, and after discharge, the extinguishing gas will be dissipated automatically and run away, and leave no residue.

After the extinguishing system is installed, it is already in automatic working status, when fire happens in the hazards, heat detector, smoke detector, and other temperature sensing elements will defect fire, and transport the fire alarm signal to the gas fire control panel, the control panel will send out activation order to start the FM200 fire suppression device, and after 30 seconds time delay, the FM200 suppression device will start to suppress fire; at the same time, the control panel will send signal to the strobe&horn, alarm bell, gas release warning signage, to remind people at the scene to leave quickly.


Below are some basic parameters of this product:

  • Product Name: Non-piping Clean Agent Cabinet FM200 Fire Suppression System
  • Model: GQQ style.
  • Installation mode: fixed type.
  • Storage pressure: under 20℃, it is 2.5 Mpa.
  • Maximum working pressure: 4.2 Mpa.
  • Agent: HFC-227EA.
  • Agent fill density: ≤1120 kilograms per cubic meter.
  • Agent storage cylinder size: 40, 70L, 90L, 100L, 120L, 150L, 180L, in liters.
  • Left agent quality after discharge: 0 to 3 kilograms.
  • Ambient Temperature: 0 to 50 ℃.
  • Activation mode: DC 24 Volt and 1.2 A (Electrically start), ≤150N (Pneumatic start and Manual Start).
  • Suppression delay time: less than 30 seconds.
  • Discharging time: less than 10 seconds.
  • Cylinder material: High-grade carbon steel with polishing and red coating.
  • Fire Suppression mode: Total Flooding.
  • Fire Suppression Class: Solid fire, Liquid fire, Gas Fire, Electrical Fire.
  • Executive Standard: GB16670-2006, NFPA, UL.


For more details about this product please read THE INSTALLATION MANUAL OF CABINET TYPE FM200 carefully.



  • Not require any cylinder storage rooms to place this system.
  • Can install in a single protection room separately.
  • Easy to install and operate.
  • HFC-227ea is a clean agent, does not cause any pollution to the environment, and does not have any bad effects on the human body.
  • It can completely work with gas fire alarm systems.


  • Computer Room.
  • Server Room.
  • Switchgear Room.
  • Control Room.
  • UPS Battery Room.
  • Energy Storage System Room.
  • Power Supply Room and Power Plant.
  • Substation.
  • Academy.
  • Water Treatment Plant.
  • Generator Room.
  • Libraries, Museums and Archives.
  • Data Center.
  • Bus Station, Train Station, Airport and Seaport.
  • Communication Base Station.
  • Bank Vault.
  • TV Broadcasting Center.
  • Research and development building.
  • Paint room.
  • Chemical warehouse.
  • Wastewater treatment station.
  • Oil Depot etc.


Please do the installation as per the below point:

  • The cabinet must be placed at the site marked in gas suppression drawings of the protection area, and the cabinet is suggested to be installed near the wall, it is also necessary to ensure that the cabinet is stable without shaking and lean.
  • The bottle group of extinguishing agent must be moved to the center of the cabinet, its frond side must face the outward direction, and it also must be fixed on the cabinet by using hoops and hooks, be careful and not crush the cabinet.
  • The nozzle must be installed at the nozzle hole at the top of the cabinet, the discharging must be carried out in an outward direction against the cabinet, and the inner part must be fixed on the cabinet by using clamp nuts.
  • The joint of the high-pressure hose with the elbow must be installed on the outlet thread of the container valve and be screwed down using a wrench, the other side must be connected to the thread at the nozzle end.
  • After debugged, the pressure signal device must be installed at the relevant interface of the high-pressure hose.
  • The gas pressure gauge must be installed at the interface container valve.
  • The electromagnetic actuator (valve) must be installed on the container valve of the gas storage bottle; as for the double bottle group, the electromagnetic actuator must be installed at the container valve of the driving storage bottle and the pneumatic actuator must also be installed at the container valve of driving storage bottle.
  • In the installation of a double-bottle group start-up pipeline, the container valve of the driving bottle and the pneumatic actuator of the driven bottle must be connected. this part can not be installed if the a deviation in distance between two bottle groups. At this moment, it is necessary to adjust the location of the two bottle groups slightly.
  • Lines of pressure signal device and electromagnetic actuator must be traversed through the reserved thread hole behind the cabinet and connected to the gas fire control panel or control center. pay attention to using the protection tube to avoid damaging the lines.
  • Each part that has been installed and connected must be checked again and again. it is necessary to ensure the firm fixing, good connection and sealing of pipeline, and correct line connection, therefore, the installation of the whole set of cabinet type HFC-227ea fire suppression equipment is completed.


Do this system debugging as per the following:

  • Start-up test of an electromagnetic actuator, take down the electromagnetic actuator, plug out the safety pin and connect the 24VDC test power, test the operation of the electromagnet linkage switchblade. after the test, the switchblade and safety pin in the electromagnetic actuator must be reset.
    Attention: Debugging of the electromagnetic actuator must be independently conducted without the container valve.
  • Test of storage pressure: unscrew the nut behind the pressure gauge in a counter-clockwise manner until it shows, the indicator in green area means normal state. After the test, remember to tighten the nut, to ensure that the pressure gauge will not damaged or leak because of long-term under high pressure.
  • Feedback signal simulation: two lead wires of the short circle pressure signal device simulate the discharging feedback signals.
  • Debugging of gas fire control panel: Conduct automatic, manual, and emergency start-up/stop debugging, be subjected to requirements of the Specifications of Gas Extinguishing System Construction and Acceptance.
  • After the qualified debugging job is well done, the electromagnetic actuator must be installed on the container valve of the extinguishing agent carefully. The pressure signal device must be installed on the relevant interface of the high-pressure hose and connected to the signal feedback line.
  • After the completion of the acceptance by the fire department and training of the user organization, the start-up lines of the electromagnetic actuator must be connected. plug out the safety pin of the electromagnetic actuator, the equipment must be in formal operation.

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