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» Sistemas de supressão automática de fogo de aerossol » Computer Room Server Rack Aerosol Fire Prevention System

Sistema de prevenção de incêndios aerossol do servidor de sala de computador

Floor standing aerosol chemical-based fire prevention system is the ideal solution for any enclosure space with an area of 30 Para 2000 metros cúbicos, por exemplo, if a computer room or sever rack room is in a size of 10*8*4 Metros, then several sets of this device would be able to install in the corner of the room as a fire suppression solution.

In case the space is below 30 metros cúbicos, then another series of MINISOL aerosol will be the best solution; in case space is below 1 cubic meter, then we suggest the Lithium-ion Battery style Aerosol.

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There is an aerosol fire prevention system that looks like an air conditioner, it can stand on the floor and does not require any installation.

It is even a halon alternative and HFC-227ea alternative in some special fields, such as small computer rooms, racks de servidor, telecommunication rooms, and other enclosure spaces.

Floor standing aerosol is an advanced environmentally friendly product with advanced technology, é o mais recente Aerossol S tipo terceira geração.

Aerosol technology comes from the rocket technology of the Russian Army, and then some Russian high-tech companies produced the first generation aerosol system, Jiangxi Aware Fire Technology Co., Ltd was the first to import the aerosol technology from Russia, e melhorou sua tecnologia para formar nosso china Unique aerossol-estrôncio Nitrato Baseado, which is much more environment-friendly and human friendly than that of Potassium Nitrate Based Aerosol.

O tipo de pé do piso é apenas start-up elétrica, mas pode ser capaz de ter feedback de sinal, abaixo explicaremos suas características e dados.


In the following, we list our the main technical parameters:

  • Tipo de produto: Piso em pé ou tipo de terra.
  • Padrão: AW-QRR5LW/S, AW-QRR7.5LW/S, AW-QRR8LW/S, AW-QRR10LW/S.
  • Estilo de ativação: Partida elétrica.
  • Volume de cobertura: De 35 m3 para 71 m3.
  • Tempo de descarregamento: menos do que 120 Segundos.
  • Tamanho: Veja o MANUAL DE INSTALAÇÃO.
  • Temperatura ambiente: de -20°C a +55°C.
  • Umidade Relativa: ≤98%.
  • Eficiência de extinção real: 130-150 gramas por metro cúbico.
  • Temperatura da superfície do cilindro: menos de 100°C.
  • Color of the Cylinder: prata branco e/ou vermelho.
  • Temperatura do bico: menos de 180°C (5mm distance from the spout.)
  • Estilo de sinal de feedback: Aberto Normal.
  • Corrente de início nominal: 1 Para 1.2 Um.
  • Tensão de partida: Corrente contínua: 3 Para 24 volts; Corrente alternada: 3 Para 240 volts.
  • Vida: 7 Para 10 Anos.
  • Tipo de supressão de fogo: Um, B, C, E.
  • Modo de instalação: Suporte com parafusos; e Magnético com cola 3M.
  • Equipamento de suporte: Sistemas de alarme de incêndio.

It mainly applies in those enclosed spaces where the volume ranges from 30 Para 2000 metros cúbicos, por exemplo: salas de computador, power generator rooms, and other spaces.


An old technician in our workshop designed this style of aerosol device, which is similar to an external machine air conditioner, His design was inspired by air conditioning, and we all admire him.

To get back to the point, the features are as follows:

  • It should be installed in an enclosure space, not in an open area.
  • It should be used in spaces ranging from 30 Para 2000 metros cúbicos, and over 2000m3 you would better use an FM200 fire protection system.
  • It is a clean product, do not worry that it will do any damage to your machinery and equipment.
  • It leaves no residue after spraying and does not require you to sweep the room.
  • It has a special cooling technology, so when it releasing the aerosol outlet temperature is not very hot.
  • It is a non-piping system, and do not worry about the problem of leakage.
  • Life spans over 7 Para 10 Anos, and during its service time, people do not need to do any maintenance on it.
  • Pass the fire test and inspection test from China's official research institute, and get a CE certificate for approval.
  • Do not require you to install it with any tools, just place it on the floor in the room.


  • High-rise Buildings.
  • Power Distribution Room.
  • Library Room.
  • Archives Room.
  • Reference Room.
  • Storage Room.
  • Telecommunication Room.
  • Computer Rooms.
  • Communication Stations.
  • Railway Stations.
  • Distribution Ark.
  • Data Processing.
  • Remote Control.
  • Train Locomotive.
  • High Mobile Equipment Machine Room.
  • Signal Station Room.
  • Data Base Room.


This device not be able to apply in the following fields:

  • Chemical substances which can be oxidized rapidly without air.
  • Active Metal.
  • Spontaneous Combustion Substance.
  • Metal Hydroxide.
  • Strong Oxidant.


  • The installation job should be done by a professional person or skilled technician.
  • The device is better installed near the wall.
  • The device should not be installed near the wind, vents, door, window, or other opening outlet.
  • Do not install it in a place where easy to get rain and water.
  • Do not install it near the source of the fire flame.
  • Do not install it in the evacuation exit.
  • Do not install it in a place where easy to get shocked, impacted, and corrosion.
  • Mechanical ventilation equipment should be set at an underground pipe gallery or place without windows.
  • The device's activation wire better uses twisted pair wire or dual-core metal shielded wire and the wire size is 1.5 mm2.


Please read our instruction manual carefully before installation.

  • The job of installation and system commissioning must be done by skilled personnel.
  • Após a instalação, do not move the device easily.
  • In case of fire, personnel at the site should leave immediately, and before leaving please close the doors and windows as possible as you can.
  • The life span of this device is 7 years normally, after the service lifetime, please consider replacing it with a new one.
  • After releasing, don't touch the cylinder, because it is too hot, after cooling down please wear gloves to move it.
  • In case of any accident, please do not dismantle the device without permission from the manufacturer or authorized agent.
  • The standby power of the fire alarm system is forbidden to charge continuously for 24 Horas, and the standby power should be replaced every 4 Anos.
  • The inspector should check the fire alarm system yearly and keep a record but do not need to check this device yearly.
  • Before put in use, the installer should make sure that the power is off, in case any device is activated by mistake.


  • Manuseie com cuidado durante seu transporte.
  • Store the device in a ventilated and dry warehouse.


  • Tempo de garantia: 1 Para 2 years based on manufacturing date.
  • Any technician questions or doubts please feel free to inquire from us.
  • After the sale, we can teach you how to install and how to do system debugging.

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