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» Aerosoli chimice sisteme automate de stingere a incendiilor » Beneficial Fire Suppression Tool for Construction Machinery Wheel Loaders
  • Instrument benefic de stingere a incendiilor pentru mașinile de construcții încărcătoare pe roți

    Aerosol as a suppression extinguishing medium, is an excellent fire suppression tool for fire-fighting in the engine compartment of heavy equipment, such as Trenchers, wheel tractors pile boring machines, etc.

    A different model is AVAILABLE.

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    Bulldozers, excavators, tower cranes, compactors wheel loaders, etc are recognized as construction machinery or heavy machinery, these machinery are very tall and heavy, and their prices are also very high, în același timp,, their internal instructions are also very complex.

    When owners want to choose a fire extinguishing system, they generally do not know which one is suitable, they generally do not know which one is suitable, because these machines often catch fire, so owners must look for a good fire extinguishing system everywhere and install it in the engine room of the machinery.

    There is a safe, high-quality, and innovative fire suppression tool calledcondensed aerosol chemical extinguishing system“, which is a perfect solution for installing inside the engine compartment of construction machines because its extinguishing agent is an extremely effective chemical for fire suppression.

    To choose which model better is decided by how large the engine compartment is, in the following, we list out the product’s common parameters:

    • Commodity Name: Aerosol Fire Suppression Spirit.
    • Medicine weight: Minimum 20 grams and maximum 5700 Grame, it has more than twenty styles.
    • Fire-fighting capacity: variază de la 0.2 spre 57 Metri cubi.
    • Time of fire suppression: Mai puţin 60 Secunde.
    • Launch mode: 3 Modele, there are electric launch, glass bulb temperature control, and thermal line temperature control.
    • Tank material: 304 oțel inoxidabil.
    • Storage pressure coefficient: zero.
    • Compatibilitate electromagnetică: Da.
    • Low voltage property: Perfect.
    • Type and level of fire extinguishing: Clasa A, B, C, E, F
    • Atmospheric pollution level: 0.
    • Toxicity: Low.
    • Lifetime: 10 spre 15 Ani.
    • OEM service: Available.

    For more technical knowledge please feel free to contact our sales representative or technician.

    Our company has many meticulous R&D and production staff, they are serious and responsible, pursuing quality and workmanship, so what they produce is perfect, so our products have the following advantages and features:

    • Extremely smooth and burr-free.
    • Accurate marking and clear labeling.
    • Friendly to the atmospheric ozone layer.
    • Not harmful to the human body.
    • No gases or liquids, and no leakages.
    • Not have pressure cylinders.
    • No pipe network or manifolds.
    • No damage to machinery and equipment, such as wheel loaders.
    • The agent is durable and efficient in extinguishing fires.
    • Excellent tank material can be used in wet environments for a long time, it is waterproof and dustproof.
    • Strong compatibility with independent start-up systems and linked alarm systems.
    • The detection device is highly sensitive and can detect fire anywhere in the defense area.
    • Good fire extinguishing performance can extinguish many types of fires, including Class A, Clasa B, Clasa C, Clasa E, și clasa F.
    • Have a wide range of applications, suitable for installation in any enclosed enclosures and semi-enclosed space.

    The system is mainly for below fields:

    • Machinery Wheel Loaders.
    • CNC grinders.
    • Heavy transport vehicles.
    • Electrical substation.
    • Sever rooms.
    • Mining vehicles.
    • IT room.
    • UPS room.
    • Power room.
    • Rectifier room.
    • Collocation room.
    • Diesel generator room.
    • Transmission room.
    • Cameră pentru baterii.
    • Distribution boards.
    • Automatic voltage stabilizer.
    • Construction and distribution feeder pillar.
    • Network cabinet.
    • Water treatment room.
    • Pump room.

    This fire extinguishing device can work in conjunction with the alarm system or work independently (standalone), if it works with the alarm system, it needs to be connected to the controller of the alarm system with wires, and then the controller is connected to other accessories, such as manual call point, abort comutator, indicator de eliberare a gazelor, fire alarm, strobe&horn etc; If it works alone, it can be connected to a TAD dispozitiv de activare termică that can self-generate and self-start, or directly use thermal line and glass bulb to start.

    In the actual application, according to the installation environment to choose the specific, if not very sure, you can consult our technical staff.

    Or you can find some answers by referring to our instruction manual.

    Knowledge Points:

    1. The small capacity of aerosol extinguishers ranges from 10 grame la 100 grams and are standalone for small volumes.
    2. The medium capacity of aerosol extinguishers ranges from 100 grame la 500 grams are automatic systems for medium volumes.
    3. Large-capacity aerosol fire extinguishers ranging from 500 grame la 10000 grams are project-style systems for large volumes.

    So it is necessary to choose the most suitable aerosol based on actual needs. If there are any unclear points, please consult our company's experts.

    Before using our products, please pay attention to the following precautions

    • Store it carefully and gently in a ventilated and dry place, and keep it far away from the sun and rain.
    • Read the instructions carefully before installation to avoid connecting the wrong line.
    • When the product is installed or doing tests, the nozzle should not be aimed at people.
    • Do not touch the tank with your hands after spraying, because the temperature of the tank is extremely high.
    • The tank is 304 oțel inoxidabil, which can be recycled again, thus saving resources and protecting the environment.
    • Never let any children play with it, because it is dangerous.
    • If you have any other unclear matters, please consult our customer service or sales staff.

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