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» Hasiace prístroje na akumuláciu energie » 30G Fire Extinguisher for New Energy Fire Security
  • 30G hasiaci prístroj pre požiarnu bezpečnosť novej energie

    30G Fire Extinguisher filled with 30 grams of aerosol chemical compound in the round cylinder, once activated, it will suppress fire within 4 Sekúnd.

    It covers an area of 0.3 do 0.5 cubic meters in enclosure space.

    Its dimensions are the same as a 20-gram hybrid solar inverter aerosol generator.

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    This 30G fire extinguisher is Toroidal and very suitable for installation in the field of new energy, Napríklad, lithium battery boxes, charging cabinets, discharge cabinets, distribution cabinets, charging stations, atď.

    V posledných rokoch, new energy has developed rapidly, and due to solar and wind energy products, leading to a significant increase in demand for firefighting products in the new energy field.

    This 30G fire extinguisher is based on the innovative clean agent fire extinguishing technology, and is designed based on the characteristics and space of new energy products, Teraz, it may be one of the best choices for fire safety in the new energy field.

    Now let’s focus on introducing this product, Let’s discuss its various performance parameters and indicators to better understand it:

    • Name of Product: Fire Extinguisher, Fire Stick, Fire Suppression Device.
    • Compound Type: Aerosol-based Strontium nitrate and Potassium nitrate.
    • Model: 30G (QRR0.03G/S/SA).
    • Quality of extinguishing compound: 30 Gramov.
    • Color of compound: yellow or light brown.
    • Fire Extinguisher color: black.
    • Dimenzia: priemer 60*26 Milimetrov.
    • Installation holes: diameter 4*83mm.
    • Installation screw: M4.
    • Konštrukčná koncentrácia: 60 do 100 grams for each cubic meter of total flooding.
    • Ochranný objem: 0.3 do 0.5 Kubických.
    • Aktivačný režim: electric terminal start and thermal cord terminal.
    • Čas vybíjania: 2 Sekúnd.
    • Teplota okolia: -50 do +95 °C.
    • Lifetime: 10 do 15 Rokov.
    • Compatible system: fire alarm systems and thermal activation devices.

    New energy fire protection is an emerging industry, especially in energy storage containers, energy storage clusters, lithium battery packs, EV vehicles, EV bikes, atď, which require corresponding fire extinguishing systems and extinguishers. Currently, this 30G fire extinguisher aerosol-based product is considered an ideal choice.

    Below we introduce its main characteristics and basic features:

    • Small in size and compact in the aerosol compound.
    • Highly effective to suppress fire, with a design concentration of 60-100 gramov na meter kubický.
    • Simple structure and simple installation, only use 2 pieces of 4M screws or a 3M glues to install it.
    • Beautiful and stylish appearance, very outstanding in appearance.
    • Diversified startup modes, combining electric and thermal sensing start, ensuring 100% startup.
    • Chemicals are environmentally friendly, netoxické, and harmless.
    • No harm to electrical and precision equipment. The product has passed the non-toxic test.
    • The product meets the GA499.1-2010 standard, UL2775 standard, NFPA2010 standard, and EU standard.

    Although this product is relatively unpopular, there are still some special application areas as follows:

    • The nacelle and control panel of the wind turbine industry.
    • The vehicle engine compartment, including car, truck bus, atď.
    • Lithium battery packs, which are for EV bikes, electric vehicles, atď.
    • Electrical cabinet in the power supply and power distribution industry.
    • Other specialized machines and mechanical equipment.

    Aerosol fire extinguishers are quite special. They are stored in a solid state, but they are sprayed in a gaseous form and generate a lot of smoke and heat during spraying. Preto, some areas need to be noted:

    • Please arrange for personnel who understand the circuit and installation technology to operate during installation.
    • Before installation, it is necessary to carefully read the installation and operation manual.
    • When a fire extinguisher is sprayed, it will generate a large amount of smoke and heat, and personnel should stay away or maintain a distance of more than 3 Metrov.
    • After spraying, the temperature of the aerosol shell is very high, and human contact with the product can easily cause burns. Preto, wait for the fire extinguisher to cool before handling it.
    • This product is disposable. Do not disassemble it without permission. After spraying, replace it with a new one in time.

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