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» Intelligent Fire Alarm and Detection Systems » Smoke and Heat Detectors Matching with Fire Extinguishing System
  • Smoke and Heat Detectors Matching with Fire Extinguishing System

    Smoke detector and heat detector are two brothers, one is for smoke sensing and another for temperature sensing, both of them have to work with fire control panel and comply with other relative components.

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    The smoke detector model number is AW-CSD381, its full name is “conventional photo-electronic smoke detector”, it uses a state-of-the-art optical sensing chamber, it is for indoor area protection, can work with fire control panel AW-GEC2169 and AW-CFP2166,  the detector that initiates the alarm condition will have its red LED and relays latched until reset by the fire control panel.

    Main parameters and datasheet:

    • Model number: AW-CSD381.
    • Size: 9.95*9.95*4.82 cm.
    • Weight: about 115.00 grams.
    • Battery: without.
    • Main voltage: 24 VDC or 12 VDC.
    • Operation current: monitoring status ≤120uA, Alarm status ≤15mA.
    • Wiring: Zone+ and Zone-, the promise of two bus systems.
    • Protection Class: IP 30.
    • Smoke alarm sensitivity: 0.1 to 0.15 dB per meter.
    • Connection: No. 5 is zone input+; No. 6 is zone input -, No. 2 is relay output NO; No. 3 is relay output COM.
    • Relay output value: 0.5A at 24 VDC.
    • Environmental: Class A temperature ranges from -10 to +50℃.
    • Relative humidity: ≤95% RH, non-condensing.
    • Mating fire control panel: AW-CFP2166, AW-GEC2169.
    • Application: for indoor use.


    The description of a heat detector is almost the same as a smoke detector, the difference is that the heat detector is to find out the fire by sensing out the temperature in the fire hazards.

    The main parameters and datasheet are as follows:

    • Item number: AW-CTD382.
    • Dimension: 99.5*99.5*4.82 mm.
    • Product weight: 100 grams.
    • Attribute: Heat detection.
    • Connection: same as a smoke detector.
    • Relay output: 0.5A @24 DC.
    • Standby current: less than 120uA.
    • The maximum alarm current is less than 15 mA.
    • Wiring condition: Same as a smoke detector.
    • Fix temperature alarm: 57℃ A2R.
    • Rate of rise alarm: 7.1℃/5 seconds, A2R.
    • Ambient Temperature: -10 to +60℃.
    • Relative humidity: 5% to 95% RH, non-condensing.
    • Color and Materials: White ABS plastic.
    • Matching host: AW-GEC2169, AW-CFP2166.

    At present, many trading and contracting companies, and construction and engineering companies like to buy from us directly, their projects need kinds of fire suppression systems and fire alarm systems according to their project requirement, and most of them send us the drawings in .dwg or .pdf to help design for them.


    details as follows:

    • It is a photo-electric type spot detector.
    • Built-in dual LEDs.
    • 360-degree visualization.
    • Remote indicator output.
    • Compatible with any fire alarm system in the market.
    • Surface mounting.
    • Have LED indicator.
    • Completely functional test with every activation.
    • Meet all requirements for the latest standard EN54-7:2018.

    The features of heat detector AW-CTD382 are almost the same as AW-CSD381.



    No matter smoke detector or a heat detector, they all belong to the detection system, they normally work together with a fire alarm control panel to form a complete fire alarm system.

    In a fire protection room, both need smoke detectors and heat detectors.

    in case the smoke detector senses the fire, it will send a signal to the fire control panel; and if the heat detector finds out fire, it also will send a signal to the fire control panel, Both of them work together to better identify fires, so that the controller can take measures accurately.



    • Packing them into a standard export carton box.
    • To prevent moisture, keep them in a dry and ventilated house.
    • When doing installation, do the job of installation strictly as per Instruction Manual, and use standard installation tools.


    Carton Quantity: 10 PCS per Box, 10 Boxes per Carton.

    • Box Size: 20.5*23.5*11 cm.
    • Carton Size: 43*27*58 cm.
    • Weight: 1.42 kilograms per box, and 14.2 kilograms per carton.

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    We are a ISO 9001, ISO14001, ISO18001 certificated manufacturer specialize in fire suppression system for a decade of years, we use top quality of material to produce the products and all of them have pass strictly QC inspection before leaving factory, most of our products have got certificates and approvlas of CE, RHOS, IP67, GL, Chinese Language of Test Report from China Institute.


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