Cina Top Sapuluh Usaha di Protection Seuneu sarta Industri Kaamanan
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Tentang Kami
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is a professional manufacturer of kinds of fire suppression systems, we design, produce and install the suppression systems and accessories all over the world.

Company Location

We are the workshop in a small industrial city calledXinyuin China, which is about 1000 kilometers from Shanghai, 700 kilometers from Shenzhen and 1500 kilometers from Beijing, we are a city famous for its steel and new energy industry.

Company Scale

The company have over 500+ staff members, diantara aranjeunna, there are more than 20 R&D personnel, we have workshop in the suburbs which cover an area of over 40000 m2, have modern international fire extinguishing laboratory in the workshop which makes our new products always meet with international standards.

We also have more than 10000 engineering cases all over the world.

Company Vision and Slogan


Company Honor and Certificates

  • 50+ invention and creation patents, 40+ product appearance patent.
  • 60+ product test reports.
  • International Certificates and Approvals: GL, CE, Rhos, CCC, CSC, IP67 etc.
  • ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO18001 system certificated company.
  • Member of CFPA, Member of NFPA.

Main Market

  • China Mainland, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macao.
  • West Europe, Africa, North America, East Asia, Middle East.

Representative Client

  • Volvo, Benz, Ford.
  • APL, MSK, HMM.
  • State Grid Cooperation of China, Bangladesh Telecommunication.

Company Brief History

  • Year 2013, Company was build up, and at the same time produce Aerosol series of fire suppression systems.
  • Year 2015, Start to produce FM200 fire suppression device.
  • Year 2016, Start to produce Super-fine ABC dry chemical fire suppression system,, and from then on every year develop new style of fire suppression systems.
  • Year 2019, was awarded the title of China Top Ten Fire Enterprises by CFPA-China Fire Protection Association.
  • Year 2021, established a modernized fire research institute with Tsinghua University, to conduct scientific research cooperation in the field of fire protection.
  • Year 2022, plan to develop more new fire extinguishing products suitable for different countries.

Product Range

According to international trends, till present we have developed many products to meet market demand, our products range are:

  • Sistim suprési aerosol, Include: Floor Standing Ground Style, Wall-Mount Style, Mini 304 stainless Style, Portable Style, and special fields style.
  • FM200 Fire Suppression Systems, Include: Cabinet Type and Piping Type.
  • Super-fine ABC dry chemical powder fire protection systems, include: pressure.
  • Inergen extinguishing system, Include: IG541, IG100, IG01, IG55.
  • Carbon Dioxide Suppression, Include: Low pressure and High pressure.
  • Mini fire detection tube system, Include: FM200 type and NOVEC 1230 type.
  • Independent Thermal Activation Generator (Device).
  • Fire Extinguisher Ball AFO.
  • Fire Alarm and detection system, Include: Fire control panel, detektor haseup, detektor panas, Horn with light, titik panggero manual, indikator ngaleupaskeun gas, abort switch, input mould, output mould, I/O mould.

After Sales and Warranty Services

  • All of our products pass strictly quality inspection before leaving workshop.
  • All of our product have 1 more years warranty time.
  • After sale we can give instruction or teach you how to install.
  • If any functional defect because of product quality, we can maintenance or replace for free (except for man-made damage).
  • Control the product pass rate at 99.9%.

Relationships with Clients

We keep close relationships with our distributors, agents and buyers, we also welcome more and more clients to cooperate with us or with our distributor, to build up a win-win cooperation!

to make the world more safe, more safety!


  • Naha milih kami

    Kami ISO 9001, ISO14001, Produsén sertipikat ISO18001 ngahususkeun dina sistem pancegahan seuneu salami dasawarsa, kami nganggo bahan kualitas luhur pikeun ngahasilkeun produk sareng sadayana parantos lulus pamariksaan QC anu ketat sateuacan ngantunkeun pabrik, lolobana produk urang geus meunang sertipikat sarta approvlas of CE, RHOS, IP67, GL, Laporan Uji Basa Cina ti China Institute.


    Jiangxi Sadar Seuneu Téhnologi Co., Ltd

    Alamat: Jumlah 112, Kacamatan Yushui, Kota Xinyu, Propinsi Jiangxi, Républik Cina.

    Tel: 0086-0790-6000119
    Fax: 0086-0790-6001119