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  • kandaraan listrik AC EV carjer seuneu extinguisher

    Fire extinguisher with model number QRR0.012GW/S/SA, which contains 12 grams of aerosol based chemicals pounds, can suppress an area of 0.12 cubic meters enclosure space, and can fit for the EV charger box very well.

    We provides complete fire protection technology application solutions for global users, if you have any needs for our products and technology, please contact our company in a timely manner.

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    Dina taun-taun ayeuna, the sales of pure electric vehicles have grown rapidly. In addition to saving fuel, the main reason is the environment. Electronic vehicles are becoming a more economical choice than traditional cars, as their operating and maintenance costs can be at least lower. They do not emit pollutants through the exhaust pipes and produce less greenhouse gases than new (and old) gasoline vehicles.

    Electric vehicles can be charged through a charging station using a cable that has two connectors, one for the vehicle socket and the other for the charging station, similar to charging a mobile phone. The main component of the AC EV charger is the charging box, which can easily generate heat during charging, leading to a fire.

    An EV charging box is usually very small in size, with a volume of no more than 0.1 méter kubik. Ku kituna, when choosing a fire extinguisher, it is necessary to choose a small and efficient fire extinguisher, Ku kituna, lithium battery fire extinguishers become the first choice.

    Our 12g lithium battery fire extinguisher fits well with the size of the charging box and can be easily installed inside the charging box with just one 3M sticker (3M brand double-sided adhesive).

    The following are the main parameters of this electric vehicle AC EV charger fire extinguisher:

    • Kimia utama: Potassium nitrate and Strontium nitrate.
    • Nomer modél: QRR0.012G/S/SA-AW solid aerosol.
    • Chemical weight: 12 gram.
    • Chemical extinguishing capacity: cover area of less than 0.12 m3, for small enclosure space.
    • Suhu lingkungan: -50 nepi ka +95 ℃.
    • Diménsi: Cylindrical type diameter 40 mm, jeung jangkungna tina 20 mm.
    • Waktu nyemprot: kirang ti 5 detik.
    • Trigger mode: thermal cord wire, Electronic activation.
    • Pressure switch: N/O or N/C contact, this is optional function.
    • Shell process: piano baking paint (black).
    • Warna: Beureum.
    • Installation function: 3M Glue and 2 small screws.
    • Numbers of packing box: 100 pieces per standard carton box.
    • Origin: Cina.
    • Fire type: A, B, C, E, F.
    • Product life: 10 Mangtaun-taun.
    • Reference: Audi AG, TOYOTA, Ford, BYD, GEELY etc.
    • Application field: New energy.

    This is a small capacity of fire extinguisher which is for new energy fields, by installing it inside the cabinet of EV charger box, it can protect the electric vehicle charger box suffering from fire very well, below is the main features of this fire extinguisher:

    • It do not require pressured containers, and the containers are very small in dimension, only diamter 40*20mm.
    • It do not face the problem of gas leakage, Because it is in solid form, not in gas form.
    • It can quickly extinguish a fire inside the charger box in a few seconds.
    • It do not require pipes and pressurized nozzles, so it can be installed from any angle and there is no requirement for installation orientation.
    • It is highly compact in small cylindrical cylinder, can be assembled in the narror space of EV charger box.
    • It does not have toxicity and corrosivity on either the livings or the environment, and cause little damage to the electronic components.
    • Sanggeus dileupaskeun, it does not leaves stains or residues and no need for a hair dryer for cleaning work.
    • It free of CFC and HFC, the aerosol chemical compound does not contain any hydrofluorocarbons, zero ozone depletion and global warming potential.
    • It do not deplete oxygen during discharge of aerosol extinguishing agents.
    • It has a long life span with reaches at more than 10 taun, in which other style of fire extinguisher is only 3 ka 5 years only.

    Due to the obvious advantages of aerosol fire extinguishers, new energy related companies in various countries are very concerned about the characteristics of this product. For more knowledge about product characteristics, you can consult our technical and sales personnel.

    With the penetration of new energy products in various fields, the application range of our fire extinguishers is also constantly expanding, Only in the field of new and clean energy, our products can be applied to the following scenarios:

    • Electric vehicle or EV charger box.
    • Charging station.
    • Elecronic box.
    • Electric bike.
    • Electric motor.
    • Mobil listrik.
    • Electric truck.
    • Electric bus.
    • Electric forklifts.
    • Wadah neundeun énergi.
    • Energy storage cabinet box.
    • Energy storage packs.
    • Wind turbine solar panels.
    • Kabinet bursa kakuatan.
    • Electronic cabinets and control panes.
    • Power charging cabinet.

    Fire extinguishers are sensitive products, so there are some special precautions to be taken:

    • Handle with care during handling and operating.
    • Store in a well ventilated and dry place, with an indoor temperature not exceeding 50 degrees Celsius.
    • Avoid rain and sun exposure.
    • Install and debug according to the manufacturer's installation and user manual.
    • When installing this product, be sure to cut off the power.

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