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» Aerosol Chemical Automatic Fire Suppression Systems » Suspended Aerosol Suppression System for Power Rooms

Suspended Aerosol Suppression System for Power Rooms

China's unique style system-suspended aerosol suppression system is much more effective than conventional systems, it suppresses fire within a few seconds without polluting to the environment.

It is installed on the wall and in a place that requires space-saving, after being activated, an aerosol chemical-based cloud is generated and suppresses fire quickly in a few seconds.

Application Place: Power Rooms, Computer Rooms, and so on.

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Suspended aerosol is a wall-mounted suppression device that is installed on the wall or the ceiling by using a bracket and explosion screw.

it is a round shape cylinder with spraying nozzles on the left and right side, The cylinder material is made up of top-grade carbon steel, also the product is with main oxidant of potassium nitrate and potassium nitrate chemicals, in which the chemicals are clean substances.

In the past 20 years, in China market the main fire suppression systems are FM200, IG541, Foam, Water, Dry Chemical, and Carbon Dioxide, until the year 2013 our producer published the first generation S-type aerosol system based on floor-standing and suspended style, we paid a high price to import technology from Russia and develop china aerosol suppression systems here, and we cooperate with famous universities in China to publish more and more eco-friendly aerosol based products.

We have achieved fruitful results, and the suspended aerosol is one of them, hereby we mainly recommend and explain something about this product.


  • Name: Suspended Aerosol Suppression System, wall mounted and ceiling mounted.
  • Part Number: AW-QRR5GW/S, AW-QRR7.5GW/S, AW-8GW/S, AW-10GW/S.
  • Start Mode: Electrical or Electronic.
  • Elixir Weight: ranges from 5000 grams to 10000 grams.
  • Volume Coverage: the same with floor standing type, ranging from 35 to 71 m3.
  • Time for Fire Suppression: within 2 minutes.
  • Dimensions: diameter 300mm, length 698mm, tolerance is ±2mm.
  • Equipment weight: ranges from 35 to 50 kilograms.
  • Tools for installation: bracket, screws, bolt driver, and hammer.
  • Operation Conditions: -20 to +55℃.
  • Relative Humidity: 95%.
  • Density: 130 grams to 150 grams per cubic meter.
  • Shall surface and Nozzle Temperature: less than 180℃.
  • Feedback Signal: Normal Open.
  • Start Current: 0.8 to 1.2 Ampere.
  • Working Voltage: DC 3 to 24 Volt, and AC 3 to 220 Volt.
  • Fire Class: A, B, C, E, F.
  • Life Time: at least 7 years.
  • Cylinder Color: red, silver white, and any other color upon request.
  • Compatible function: can work with Thermal Activation Device stand-alone, and can work with fire alarm control panel systems.
  • International Standard: NFPA 2010, UL 2775.
  • China Standard: GA499.1-2010, China as per International Standard.

We are committed to providing you with efficient fire extinguishing products and intelligent system solutions, if interested, take action to inquire, just need a few seconds.


  • Highly efficient product and non-toxic fire extinguishing agent, harmless to humans and animals.
  • Maintain free and easy to install.
  • It does not need any pipework, or storage and works without any pressure, and so it is easy and safe to make transportation, storage, installation.
  • Do not require electrical power and pressure supply.
  • Certificated as per International and Chinese Standards, also CE marked.
  • Ecologically safe and environmentally friendly, because ODP is zero and GWP is also zero.
  • Electrical Activator Terminal to start, and with signal feedback functions.
  • It can knock the fire down rapidly within a few seconds.
  • No integrity testing before commissioning and installation is required.
  • Easily connected to any addressable or conventional fire alarm systems.
  • Serviceable lifetime can reach 10 to 15 years, it is a long life cycle.
  • Can be hung on the wall, making it space-saving.


Suspended aerosol is Versatile for numerous applications:

  • Technical Rooms.
  • Server Rooms.
  • Cargo Containers.
  • Big space engine compartment.
  • Switch-gears.
  • Electric train.
  • Cable ducts.
  • Electronic instrument equipment room.
  • Rolling mill equipment room.
  • Combustible liquid storage areas.
  • Power distribution room.
  • Generator room.
  • Train locomotives room.
  • Ship engine room. (cargo vessel).
  • Insulation oil depot.
  • Power plant.
  • Military shelters.
  • Military radar stations.
  • Vending machines.
  • UPS system room.
  • Energy management equipment.
  • Integrated mini-grid.
  • CBI Grinder.


  • Don't touch the red outer cylinder immediately after discharge, wait at least half an hour then remove it.
  • Disposable products, cannot be refilled again after release.
  • Do not cut this device without permission to avoid personal injury.
  • When the device is released, please leave the site immediately or stay far away.
  • Do not take the aerosol chemical by mistake, if any wash your mouth with water or seek medical attention immediately.
  • Try to inspect the device yearly.
  • Only skilled technicians or professional installers are allowed to install the device.
  • For any other attention, please read the Installation Manual carefully.


  • The product has 1 more year of warranty time from the production date.
  • In the case of non-human reasons, If the product has a functional defect, we will replace it free of charge.
  • After the sale, we can teach you how to install and do system debugging.
  • Any other questions about the product, inquire from our technician for help.

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