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» Intelligent Fire Alarm and Detection Systems » Thermal Activation Generator and Device TAD
  • Thermal Activation Generator and Device TAD

    Thermal activation device, an autonomous device,which have functions of detecting and finding fire and activating the fire suppression systems, by using it, you will no need any external power supply.

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    Thermal Activation Generator also named “Thermal Activation Device” or “Thermal Generator”, for short name is “TAD”, it is a special electro-mechanical equipment which is used to detect heat from a fire, and then converts mechanical movement into electrical instantaneous current automatically, this small current trigger our super-fine ABC dry chemical powder fire extinguisher or aerosol suppression system to work, and without any external power supply.

    Its basic characteristics and data sheet are listed in the following points:

    • Merch name: Thermal Activation Device.
    • Models: AW-101.
    • Temperature Sensing Material: Thermal Metal.
    • Dimension: φ65*85mm, not include installation base.
    • Weight: about 170 grams.
    • Effective power generator time: more than 2mS.
    • Rated activation temperature: 45℃, 72℃, 93℃, 110℃.
    • Ambient Temperature:-50℃ to +85℃.
    • Life time: 15 years.
    • Feedback signal function: Normal open or normal closed.
    • Generate power: 3.5 V DC at 1.0 Ohm.


    • when heat-sensitive element reaches its rated activation activation temperature, the thermal element fusible metal began to deform, and release the moving pole with spring.
    • Under the action of spring, the magnet in the moving pole passes through the induction coil and make the coil generate small current.
    • The pulse current is output to activate the fire extinguishing device through the output terminal, and the feedback signal terminal which is non-polarity changes from normal open state to normal closed state.

    For more details please read our AW-101 Thermal Activation Device User Manual



    This thermal device have unique features:

    • By using it, no external power supply is required.
    • Autonomous to activate fire suppression system which require small input current, such as: Super-fine ABC dry chemical powder fire extinguisher and aerosol fire extinguisher.
    • It is a stand-alone thermal detector with a fixed temperature rating, normally the rated temperature are: 45℃, 72℃, 93℃ or 110℃.
    • It has a signal feedback function.
    • It also has a small size, and can be installed in many small and narrow space.


    Its main application fields as follow:

    • Wind turbine.
    • workshop and warehouses.
    • Electrical Enclosure.
    • Energy storage system.
    • Power generation and power distribution room.
    • CNC machine.
    • Vehicles and vessels.
    • Computer room.
    • Server room.
    • Control and distribution cabinet.

    It is an accessory of various fire extinguishing systems, work together with aerosol generators, dry chemical fire extinguishers, fm200 fire suppression system etc, we call them "standalone fire suppression system".

    The thermal activation device have 4 different models, each model works automatically, just like the heat detector with different rated temperatures, the 4 models are listed below:

    • AW-101-45(45℃ rated temperature), for cold areas.
    • AW-101-72(72℃ rated temperature), for normal areas.
    • AW-101-93(93℃ rated temperature), for specific application.
    • AW-101-110(110℃ rated temperature), for motor rooms, vessel rooms and tracks.

    They ambient temperature as follow:

    • from -60 to +30℃, for model AW-101-45.
    • from -60 to +55℃, for model AW-101-72.
    • from -60 to +80℃, for model AW-101-93.
    • from -60 to +95℃, for model AW-101-110.

    Our skilled technician can adjust our products into different activation temperature, according different ambient temperature, the thermal activation not only can work with aerosol systems, but also dry chemical systems, foam systems, fire pump systems, gas suppression systems and water systems.

    If you want a temperature activation function and automatic, then try this thermal activation device.


    attentions! please see below point of view:

    • Volume protected by one device shall not exceed
    • Maximum relative humidity-98% (no condensation).
    • keep it in a ventilated place, and avoid from sun and rain.
    • After installation, you should pull out the safety pin for use.
    • red the user manual before install it, you will know how to install it correctly.
    • Keep it in a dry and ventilated place.

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    We are a ISO 9001, ISO14001, ISO18001 certificated manufacturer specialize in fire suppression system for a decade of years, we use top quality of material to produce the products and all of them have pass strictly QC inspection before leaving factory, most of our products have got certificates and approvlas of CE, RHOS, IP67, GL, Chinese Language of Test Report from China Institute.


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